Sunday, November 25, 2012

Go-To Authors

I love to read. It's right up there at the top of my list of favorite things to do. I was a reader long before I ever wrote the first word for my own books.

Along the way, I've discovered some wonderful authors, and some not-so-wonderful authors. We all have different reading tastes. You might hate an author I love, and vice versa. That's okay. There are plenty of wonderful books out there for all of us to enjoy.

I'm so lucky to be involved with the Sizzling Scribes. I truly love all their books. I know if I read a book by Arianna or Cait or Diana or Ruby or Tara or Tielle, it will be wonderful. I'll get lost in their worlds and characters and forget everything around me for a few hours of absolute bliss. When I'm ready to start a new book, I'll search for one of theirs first.

So now I'm in a quandary. I only have a few Scribes books left that I haven't read. Then what? Eek! Who do I read next?

I doubt if I'm different from most readers who have favorite authors, ones they go to when they want a really good book to read. Other than my Scribes sisters (who all need to write faster so I don't run out of their books to read), I'll turn to Nora Roberts, the Queen of Romance. I haven't read a book by her yet that I didn't enjoy.

Next on my go-to list is Jill Shalvis. I love Jill's humor, her hunky heroes, and her down-to-earth (and sometimes klutzy) heroines.

I also enjoy:
P.J. Alderman
Toni Blake/Lacey Alexander
Sandra Brown
Jaci Burton
Flo Fitzpatrick
Cindy Gerard
Angela Knight
Titania Ladley
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Jayne Rylon
Nikki Soarde
J.R. Ward
Caitlyn Willows
And so many others, I can't list all of them.

How about you? Who are your go-to authors? Share with me. I love discovering new authors to read!


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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Of power outages and new releases...

Normally, this is Tara Nina's turn to blog but Sandy went and put her big foot into it and Tara and I have switched places in the line-up.

First of all, Tara's fine. Many of you know she lives in New Jersey. Yes, she's one of many without power but, luckily she does not live along the coast so she still has a house. She and her husband also have a generator, so she's warm, dry and tells us she has plenty of food.

What she is running out of is gasoline for the generator. We've all seen the lines snaking around corners and doubling back on itself as people wait for their turn at the pump. :(

Since there's no way to mail her a gallon of gas, please consider donating to the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army, two organizations that are helping so many people right now.They're bringing hot meals to to those who need it, providing shelter for those who have no homes, and yes, helping to coordinate getting fuel to those who have run out. Donate blood if you can to keep the supply levels up, donate money or time if you have it. The aftermath is often worse than the storm itself.

And in the midst of all this, the newest Sweet Spot story released this week! Nothing like curling up inside with a good, hot read to keep you warm. TIED TO HOME centers around Matt Carter and Wisteria Penny Lane (can you tell her parents were hippies?). After several years apart, their interest kindles when they realize they both like their sex on the kinky side - the BDSM kinky side. :)

Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite:

TIED TO HOME by Diana Hunter
All Rights Reserved

Matt Carter sauntered in, taking a moment to look around. Wisteria Penny Lane. She’d taken a lot of heat for her name when they were kids. Hippie parents who didn’t have a clue the teasing they’d saddled onto their only child. He wondered if they still had that commune outside of town.
He’d seen the ropes, of course. And the marks around her breasts. She’d been tied up pretty well. Who knew when they lost their virginity together in the barn on her parent’s farm that the girl would grow up to have kinky tastes? Or that he’d grow up to have them as well?
Now she stood, defiant and proud, her wrists held out before her in challenge. She’d  thrown a book at his head the last time he’d seen her, as he recalled. If Brian had told him whose lock he was going to fix, he doubted he’d have come.
“Let me see what I can do. Have a seat.”
There was a small chest on the floor in front of the window and he gestured to it.
“I’d rather stand.”
“I’m sure you would. But I need steady hands and that’s easier to do when I’m kneeling.” He smirked. “And you always did want me down on one knee, as I recall.”
“You bastard. Get the fuck out of my house.”
He drew back in mock astonishment. “Wisteria Lane, such language!”
“I don’t want you here. Tell Brian he sent the wrong man.”
Matt studied her face. A war went on there. One moment she seemed fully in control, the next she was a breath away from breaking down into full-blown panic mode. Fascinated, he watched the control side take over again. When she spoke this time, her voice was more leveled.
“Go away, Carter. I meant what I said the last time I saw you.”
“Yeah, I remember. That you never wanted to see me again. Well, here I am. And you’re stuck and I can get you free.” He held up the small case of tools. “Picking locks is something I do.”
Wisteria sat down hard on the chest, her wrists still held out before her. “Turned to a life of crime?” She sounded bitter and Matt recognized she felt defeated.
“Worked with a security firm for a while,” he explained as he knelt down before her and opened the case. He pulled out a dark blue roll of felt and unfolded it as he spoke. “They had a master locksmith as part of their crew and he taught me a few things.”
“Security firms are supposed to keep people out, not get them in.”
He snorted. “You’d be surprised at how often people lock themselves out of their own systems. First thing they taught me was how to break into a car with a slimjim.” Carefully, he reached for her hands. “Now, let me see.”
She said nothing to him as he examined the problem. The first piece caught in the lock of the handcuffs came out easily enough with a small tweezers. The second proved more difficult and he had to twist around to work the lock from her side of it. That put him uncomfortably close and her perfume distracted him.
Pretending his shoulder didn’t touch hers was another distraction. And that string bikini wasn’t helping. He remembered those breasts, how soft they felt in his hands, how he could make her purr by licking her nipple…
The piece sprang free and with a twist, he opened the handcuffs, totally shocked by the feeling of disappointment that washed over him. What was he thinking? Wiste wanted no part of him. And, if he was honest with himself, admittedly not one of his strong points, he didn’t really want a complication in his life right now. He’d just left one in the desert of Las Vegas, he didn’t need to pick up another one here in Connecticut.
Her exaltation was immediate. He didn’t say a word, only putting his tools away, re-rolling the felt and putting it back in its case. Wisteria jumped up and brushed past him as if he didn’t exist.
“Em, he did it. Emily? Em!”
But Matt knew Emily had left. He’d heard her sneak down the stairs before he’d even gotten his tools out. For reasons of her own, Emily Baker had left them alone.

Like it? TIED TO HOME comes in all ebook formats. You can find the links to what you like here. If you prefer a hardcopy, the paperback is coming soon.

Please consider a donation to the Red Cross or Salvation Army!