Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cleaning - and Keeping

My parents are getting on in years and Mom’s thoughts have recently turned to cleaning out the house. She wants us kids to have certain things before the two of them pass on. One, she wants the joy of seeing us get the stuff we can use/like/want and two, they’re going to downsize soon and this will be less she has to pack/get rid of later.

The problem is, I’m at the same stage. I’ve been going through our own attic and consolidating and donating “stuff” for the past year. My husband and I have been married for thirty-two years (come this June) and we’ve managed to amass FAR too many possessions over the years.

Some of what I’ve kept is for my kids’ places, when they get them. When Steven and I first married, we decorated with a combination of Early Garage Sale and Parent’s Attic. It was great! Mismatched table lamps, a gaudy couch that didn’t match anything, a kitchen table that had seen several generations of newlyweds – they all found a home with us. When our kids leave us, many of those same items will move on a generation further.

Which is why I came home from my parents’ cleaning with a trunk full. Some 1000-piece puzzles we’ll make and pass on, a table that my mom remembers being her mother’s, more than one bottle of liquor (unopened and old...but then, whiskey never goes bad, right?)...all things we’ll use or use up and a few things we’ll pass on to our kids when they leave.

Because, no matter how old we get, sentiment gets us – and more stuff comes into the house.


Play safe!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Springtime in Texas

Springtime in Texas means the bluebonnets are in bloom. They start blooming in early April and only last about six weeks, darn it. I would love for them to last longer.

Bluebonnets aren't the only wildflowers we enjoy in our beautiful state. There are also pink primroses.

And Indian Paintbrush. Their orange color is so striking against the green grass.

Plus these cute little yellow daisy-looking wildflowers. I'm not sure of their name, but I don't need to know the name to enjoy them.

And many more. If you want to see something truly beautiful, visit Texas in the springtime. You'll love our wildflowers as much as we do.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Collective Nouns!

For years I’ve had this strange fascination with collective nouns. Now, I didn’t realize they were called “collective nouns” until recently but that’s beside the point. A collective noun is a group of things, like a flock of seagulls (the birds not the band), a herd of caribou and (because I went to a Catholic university) a gaggle of Nuns. 

Here are some of my favorites.

An Unkindness or Conspiracy of Ravens (Appropriate because truly I think ravens are the thugs of the bird world.  Tell the truth...don’t they look like little mafia hit men?)
A Murder of Crows (And what do you call two crows? Attempted murder!)
A Prickle of Porcupines
A Parliament of Owls
A Charm of Finches (several bird groups are called “charms” which I think is just adorable)
A Cowardice of Curs (another brilliant collective noun!)
An Ostentation of Peacocks
A Murmuration of Starlings
A Dazzle of Zebras
A Blessing of Unicorns
An Ascension of Skylarks
A Clowder of Cats (I used this in Jackson’s Rise. Reign is a cat shapeshifter and when all the cats get together—basically for an orgy—they call it a Clowder)

There are many lists available on the Internet.  Below is a link to one that I found particularly enjoyable!                                           
Have fun,