Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Sizzling Scribes and the SWEET SPOT SERIES

Today I had a different blog subject planned but immediately changed my idea once I sat down with the computer. Today I would like to give a shout out to my Scribes sistas! We are a group of seven who have been together for quite some times. I’ve written about these six fine ladies before, but I guess today I’m just really feeling the love again. LOL
I thank god for writing. It was creative genes and love of books that brought the Sizzling Scribes together, but after all these years it has become only one of the things that KEEPS us together. We’ve grown as a simple generic clutch of friends to something amazing. We’ve tested the waters of friendship and watched that rapport explode to an all-encompassing trust and respect for each other. At one time it was only books we spoke about, now it is daily emails and phone calls. We share emotions of the ups and downs of everyday living, the joy of the birth of grandchildren, the frightening dark days of cancer and the bright days of remission. We share a bond that is special because it involves seven unique personalities. Lynn, Diana, Tara, Ari, Tielle, Cait and myself. We’re sort of like the recent lottery, a 1 in 175 million chance that we could happen!  I’m thankful that we did. What can you say when you understand on a deep level your life is better because these six woman are a part of your daily existence?

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, let’s talk SERIES! If you haven’t had a chance to pick up the Sweet Spot Series you really need to do so. Just a quick catch up: the series was developed by the seven Sizzling Scribes and takes place in the imaginary town of Port Clef on the east coast. Each book is unique in genre and main characters, but you will revisit the secondary characters in every sexy hot self-published story! To read about each story you can visit our shared SIZZLING SCRIBE website!
My addition to the series is called SUNDAY LOVE. It’s my second gay romance, which I discovered I really enjoyed writing. Tony and Jake….ahhhhh, two hunks meant to be together. So hope you have a chance to read the books!

Have a great week and one more cyber hug to my sistas!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Good Morning to everyone on this wonderful Mother's Day!
Some consider this to simply be a Hallmark holiday, another reason to spend money on a card.
But really and truthfully its not the card that matters. It's the time spent with each other. I love my
kids even though they are the reason I have gray hair and lose sleep some nights. All in all, they've
turned out to be decent semi-adults. Not sure how we managed to accomplish that feat but damn glad it
The only thing I'd like for Mother's day is time with my kids. Since they've shifted into this semi-adult stage, our schedules have kept us apart. I'm hoping to spend the day with my feet in the garden dirt, planting my veggies for the season with my kids helping. I plan to hold them to the fact they said they were cooking me dinner. Yippie! Gotta make sure that includes them cleaning up afterwards. LOL.
How are you hoping to send your Mother's Day? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear how everyone plans to celebrate Motherhood.

As a little side note:
This past month I was at the Romantic Times Booklover's Convention in Kansas City. I'm sharing a few pictures here of  the fun I had while meeting some wonderful people.
EC's Cavemen 
 Jose & Ramrod Disco Down
I was lucky enough to be seated at the giant bookfair event between two awesome writers. Erin Nichols on the left and Brenda Novak on the right. Brenda Novak started the Diabetes auction event several years ago and has raised a ton of money. So let's continue the fight and go to the Brenda Novak Diabetes Auction site for a little bidding fun.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Mother's Day!
Tara Nina

Friday, May 3, 2013

Christmas in May?

Last summer, I wrote a book. My first full length novel since before my daughter got sick. She’s been in remission for two years, but it took me forever to get the writing mojo back. This particular story, SON OF A PREACHER MAN, was one that was in my head FOREVER. 

Or so I thought.

I started the story with a basic idea that sprung from listening to the Dusty Springfield version of the song. As I started picturing the story in my head (I see my stories like movies and then I madly scramble to write down what I “see”) it morphed and changed. Suddenly, my heroine was a gypsy. 

What? What did I know about gypsies?

Not much, so I researched and researched and researched until I felt like I could at least try to write a believable character without insulting anyone. (And I really did try, so if I screwed up, I apologize.) As the story moved along, characters who were going to be villains turned out to be nice, new characters sprang up, and people I was going to just mention briefly demanded bigger roles in the book. 

Who’s writing this thing anyway? I mean seriously, there were times I felt downright possessed. I wrote and wrote and wrote and when I wasn’t writing, I was thinking about it. The story consumed my life for all of last summer. 

Next week, it’s coming out from Samhain Publishing. I feel like a kid before Christmas. I’m counting down the days waiting for it to go live. I stalk review sites in a vain hope someone has an advance review for the book (no one has so far) and I stare at the cover art every day. 

Seriously, I feel like a girl with her first crush, wondering if the popular boy will like me as much as I like him. I loved writing the book, I loved the characters, even if they were a bit strong willed, and I LOVE my cover. I so hope people will read it and will love it too.

In the meantime, the countdown continues.