Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gearing Up For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and I’m sure you’re all gearing up as I am. I’m also trying to concentrate on what I toss between my lips because I know the holiday months add to my waistline, my thighs, and the extreme enlargement of my ass. Shoot. I think I'm in trouble. Why? Because just the other night, me and the hubby were in the sauna. I felt something knocking on the back of my knees when I was standing under the shower spray. I thought it was him. Hell no. It was my ass. God darn gravity and gravy is really going to do a number on my aging body between now and the end of the year!

That whole episode got me to thinking about planning a way to lose those liquid gravy pounds and enter 2008 in the same pants size—if that’s possible—or at least try and stay on top of my game. So today I started to exercise. First, I sat in a chair and I limbered up my fingers. Then I grabbed on to my belly roll and lifted, two,, two, three...managed to get in ten sets. Then I ate a plate of pasta for energy. Yup, I'm in training now! And tonight? I'm using cholesterol-free butter on my popcorn.

Okay, that’s the funny part of the holiday season. The BEST part will be sharing time with my family. Traditions are big with us. We make our entire dinner from scratch. A big red Italian meal that everyone has learned to expect. I know if I altered the expected menu there would be a riot all around! So the lists are starting: presents, food, guests, drinks…the beat goes on and on and doesn’t calm until January 2nd of the following year!

It’s amazing how our family group grows by the years. In-laws, grandchildren, friends stopping by. I love it. Oh yeah, don’t let me fool you. I stress like anyone else but in the end, it all comes together and I just keep reminding myself how fortunate I am to have so many wonderful people in my life. Oh, here would be a great place to mention the family growth. I’m going to be a grandma again come June of 2008!

So in honor of the holiday season, I’m spotlighting one of my holiday stories called WINTER’S ROSE. This book is part of a Christmas Studs series written along with Diana Hunter and Ruth D. Kerce. And I’m sooooo excited to announce that each of these digital stories are being combined in a PRINT holiday anthology that is being released in December!! Be sure to check my website for release details!

I guess it's time to wind down and make a chocolate malt. Okay, so I start my real regimen tomorrow. It’s always good to start a diet on a Monday, ain’t it? I want to wish each and every one of you a holiday season blessed with health and peace! I’d love to hear about your traditions – come on! Shout it out!

Love, Ruby


Diana said...

Family and friends are the most important part of the upcoming holiday season, and for centuries we've understood that both getting to know people and getting reaquainted with them is always best done over a shared meal. It's no wonder then, that we spend the better part of two months eating!

Congrats on being a grandma again! How many does this make for you? I'm looking forward to the day when I can spoil little ones...and then hand them back to thier parents!

Diana, who thinks maybe she should learn from Ruby and start stay-in-shape regimen now. Lift that belly roll!

Lynn LaFleur said...

Oh, please, let's not talk about belly rolls! I can't see the front of my thighs now. I love chocolate WAY too much.

I love the holidays. The crispness in the air, the leaves changing color, the general feel-good attitude that most people have, the music. Yes, I start listening to Christmas music in October. It's too pretty to enjoy only one month of the year.

It's also a good time for reading since I'll have a few days off work. What will I read, you ask? Why, books by my fellow SS sisters, what else! I've already added Ruby's upcoming print to my TBB list.

Happy holidays!


Ruby Storm said...

Hi Diana!

I never thought about that 'business' of eating. Pretty cool way to express it! I will definitely remember that.

Ah, this baby on it's way makes three for me! I've got the two girls so now we're all hoping for a little boy to come rattle our cages!


Ruby Storm said...


LOL - had to laugh about listening to Christmas music in October. Haven't started yet but of all things, I went and found my Vince Gill Christmas CD - it's my all time favorite. Oh...and Bing Crosby's WHITE CHRISTMAS dvd has been pulled to the front!

Merry Christmas!

Titania Ladley said...

I always loved listening to an oldie that most may not have heard of...Vic Dana. We had his Christmas album (dating myself, there) when I was a kiddo, and it was a tradition every year to play that thing over and over and over. Ah, he had this unique voice that I will always associate with the holidays. I'd LOVE to find that on CD somewhere. But for now I substitute Harry Connick, Jr.'s holiday music, or just whatever I can get my hands on.

As far as other traditions, we always have a certain holiday fruit punch, and my mom used to make these cookies...what the hell was the name??? Had the word "ball" in them, and they were these---you guessed it---balls that tasted like shortcake with nuts in them and rolled in powdered sugar. Yum! Plus there was chocolate-covered cherries, pumpkin and pecan pies, frosted sugar cookies...uh, notice I'm only mentioning sweets? LOL!

Congrats on the grandma news! How wonderful. Y'all, Ruby's got the most adorable little grandkids. :)

Oh, and Ruby, congrats too on the upcoming print release!


Anonymous said...

Ruby you are too funny!

I'm already in full swing for the holidays. I love the lights, decorations, and christmas songs. I think the beach boys christmas cd was always one of my biggest family xmas traditions. We danced and sang "little saint nick" over and over.

Congratulations on being a Grandma again. No child could be luckier!

Looking forward to your upcoming print release!!!

N.J.Walters said...

LOL I was wondering the same thing the other to make it to the New Year without piling on any more weight.

I love the holidays--and the food--especially chocolate. *g*

I spent Sunday afternoon listening to Christmas music and doing my Christmas cards. They're all done and stamped, just waiting for December 1st so I can mail them.

Ruby Storm said...

Hey Ti-

Those would be snowballs. ROFL! I was so proud of you cuz you were half way there.

Lubs ya lots!

Ruby Storm said...

Hey there Ms. Kerensa!

**BURP* (that was that damn plate of pasta...)

I love Vince Vaghn's Christmas tape. In fact it's sitting right here on my desk beside Vince I sense a commonality here? Is commonality a word even?


Ruby Storm said...

Hi NJ- reminded me of another thing I'd forgotten to put on my Christmas list! CARDS! But, on a good note, I have purchased them already.

You should see the Italian spread we put on. Everything is made from scratch. Weeks of prep for a 20 minute meal that's wolfed down. But I wouldn't have it any other way!


Deb said...

Christmes is the best for me when I can watch Christmas happening through my girls eyes. The special sparkle in their eyes as they look at DH and I and scream"OMG!..OMG!" ROTFL!
Ruby to all 3 of you congrats on your winter studs going to print!