Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Memories

Many of us have childhood memories of Easter.
In my house growing up, Easter morning meant
a basket full of candy, chocolate bunnies, marshmellow treats,
and jelly beans.
The night before Easter, we spent hours decorating hard-boiled eggs.
It never failed that dye got every where. But my mom never got mad.
Hell, she was right there in the mix competing to make the best egg.
Then by the time we kids woke up the next morning, the eggs were gone.
The mysterious Easter bunny had hidden them all over the yard.
We'd spend hours looking for them and always never found at least one.
Until a few weeks later, that is, when the distinct smell of a rotten egg
always gave away it's spot.
Easter also meant having to go to church dressed up in a new Easter outfit.
None of us liked that. New clothes always were uncomfortable and what was
worst were those patent leather Mary Janes that were hard and didn't bend.
It was like trying to walk in a wooden shoe.
And I have to tell you about the time that my uncle (who is only 1 year and 11 months
older than me) chased me down because I ate his chocolate bunnie's ears off. In my
haste to out run him, I slipped out of those dreaded Mary Janes and took off.
Big Mistake. Did you know that they double as weapons? He flung one of those at
the back of my head. THe heal clipped me in the back of the skull and we spent that
EAster in the emergency room getting 8 stitches.
So remember Never leave the Mary Janes behind when you slip out of them to run.
And how about those FAmily protraits outside the house because we all looked
great accourding to mom. But we felt goofy being the typical snot nosed kids that we were.
I happen to see one of those pictures the other day when I was going through a box
of pictures from my mom's house. Man did we look funny. THink 70's hair styles and clothes.

THis Easter's a tough one for me.
I lost my Mom in February.
But my kids and my husband are by my side. I don't have to cook today. We're going
to a family members home for dinner.

If you've got any great EAster Memories please share.
I'd love to hear them
YOur Friend,
Tara Nina

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