Saturday, June 14, 2008

Caging the Muse

Caging the Muse

Ever wonder where ideas for novels come from?
I do all the time. At different events I've attended, I've been asked
How did you come up with that idea for your book? I simply shrug and
say "The voices in my head told me to write it." How else can it be

I think there'd be less insane people in this world if they'd just
write down what the voices tell them to do rather than act upon them.
That's what I do :)

But there are times when the charaters stop talking and no amount of
wine can loosen their lips. What do you do then? I'd like to hear your
ideas on how to kick start the creativity.

Me- I clean house. My husband loves it when the voices stop...the
houswork gets done. Sometimes this doesn't work and it can be days
before the juices are flowing again (since I write erotic, that's a bad
thing---can't have dry scenes)LOL.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's ideas on how to cage the muse and
kick start it's elusive butt.

Tara Nina


Nikki_Soarde said...

For me I find that sometimes when my muse goes quiet he's simply trying to tell me to take a break. Sometimes I just need a little distance....need to focus on other things and let the muse come back to me in his own time. There have been times, especially after finishing a really intense project that it can be weeks when I don't write anything. I've learned to not fight it. To accept it, and enjoy the "down time" for what it's worth.

Other times I have to sit him down, scream at him and insist that he buckle down and get plunk my ass in the chair so I can get some writing done!!

N.J.Walters said...

Like you, I just listen to the voices in my head. LOL

They never stop talking, even when I don't feel like writing. *g*