Sunday, August 10, 2008


What’s the most creative sex scene you’ve ever written or read? I’m wondering because I was recently mulling over all the different sex scenes in my new contemporary ménage, KABANA HEAT, which just released at Samhain Publishing on August 5th. There’s sex on a Hawaiian beach, swimming pool sex, standard bed sex, Jacuzzi sex, lagoon sex, car sex, and even sunroof sex. Yeah, can you picture that? Sunroof sex. Sooo in addition to the ones in KABANA HEAT, I’ve started a list with places my characters have had sex, but I thought it would be fun to see just how many more creative sex scenes/books we can come up with. Here’s some from my backlist to get it rolling…

Watching/being watched through a one-way mirror
On a mechanical bull
While floating in a cloud
On a levitating bed
While eating a hot fudge sundae
Using a banana/food/M&Ms
While riding on a horse
In a cave
In a cabin
In a lighthouse
In a hot spring
On a boulder
In a hot tub
Against the wall
On a park bench
On a bed of roses
On stairs
On the floor
In a meadow
Under the stars while sprawled over a log
In a jail cell while handcuffed to the bars
In a barn
In a tree-house
In a boxer ring
On another planet
In a ghost town
On a lounge chair
On/in a tanning-bed-like structure
Against/up in a tree

Tell us about some of the most creative sex locations in books you’ve written and/or read. What’s the title(s), and who’s the author? As many as you can think of, any author, any publisher, any genre. Let’s see just how much creative sex we can, I mean, come up with. ;)

Titania Ladley is a multi-published author writing for Ellora’s Cave, Samhain, and Red Sage. Her newest book, KABANA HEAT (Samhain), a contemporary ménage set in Hawaii, released August 5, 2008. Don’t miss this HOT love story! Please visit her at or ( her other naughty half) for more.


Cait Miller said...

LOL, I think you got me well beaten ;D

Lynn LaFleur said...

Well, let me think where my characters have had sex.

In the shower.
On the hood of a Jeep.
On a couch.
In a chair.
Against the wall.
On a blanket in the woods.
In a locked storeroom.
On top of the bar in a saloon.
On the living room floor.
On a desk at work.
In a tennis court changing room.
On a butcher block table in the kitchen.
On a cruise ship.
On an island.
In bed.

Yep, Ti, I think you have me beat too!


Titania Ladley said...

Cait---aw, c'mon, let's see your list. :D

Lynn---um, I don't think I have you beat at all! Mmmm, sex on the bar in a saloon is a good one. What books are these from?

Thanks for your comments, gals!


Nikki_Soarde said...

Sorry I'm late here. Summer is keeping me very busy! YOu've got some GREAT ones, Ti! about...

On a pile of animal skins in the back room of a museum.
On a pile of bubble wrap in an abandoned warehouse.
On a conference table.
On an airplane in front of a big picture 30,000 feet.

Those are my best offerings!

Titania Ladley said...

I'm way late here, but ooooh, Nikki, those are some great offerings! Thanks for your comments, everyone. :)