Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ever Changing Seasons & Characters

Have you ever noticed that a character's moods change with the seasons?
Is this because, we as writers shift with the seasons as well?
When writing in the summer, the character is almost always on a beach half-naked and
they are either angry, or having a hot 'n' steamy affair. In the winter, they're bundled up
brooding or shacked up in a snowed in mountain cabin. The spring brings them out for long
walks and hot sex in the woods or open flower filled fields. But fall, they tend to slow to a sensual
pace with the turning of the leaves. It then becomes hot cider (spiked of course!), raking leaves then tumbling in them like a couple of kids or a stroll through the countryside, soaking in the changing of the colors. Romantic, the changing of the colors.
Why is it that the fall tends to soften the character's moods?
They tend to reminisce about pleasant memories or create new ones with the love interest in the story.
I think our characters are a part of every writer's soul and takes a little piece with them when they exit to live on a page for all the world to see.
Character's moods are guided by the mood of the writer. Or are our moods guided by the moods of our Characters?
I truly can't decide.
Lost in New Jersey,
Tara Nina


Lynn LaFleur said...

I never considered how my characters react to the different seasons, but you're right. Autumn is my favorite season and I often set my stories to take place in September, October, November. In fact, the one I'm writing right now takes place in November. I don't like heat, so rarely set a book during the summer.

Great post, Tara! It gave me something to think about in my own writing.


Diana said...

I'm with Lynn...not sure what there is about the Fall...but I really enjoy writing during that time. As a result, I have several set during this time.

Hmmm...I also have several set in the dead of winter...Methinks I need to write a Spring or Summer story next!

Thanks for the post, Tara! Good things to think about :)

Cait Miller said...

You're right Tara. The worl around us definitely has a big impression on what I want to write about. I just wish my muse would come back out of hiding.