Sunday, January 4, 2009

What's spare time?

If anyone could tell me what spare time is, I'd love to know. I've heard
rumors that it exist but does it?
I truly don't have a second to relax anymore. I thought as you got older
things were supposed to wind down.
But they haven't. I am not complaining. Please don't get me wrong.
I'm busy with my teenagers, work, the back-pain/gout ridden husband and
a writing career that I'm hoping is on the upswing.
It's hard to wear so many hats and remain sane. My characters are screaming to
escape, the husband complains about the house (like I'm the only one capable of cleaning,sheesh)
and editors dropping bombshells about a release date I didn't know was looming.
That's the reason I'm late in posting to the blog.
I hope someone out there can share with me the intricacies of spare time.
I'd love to learn how to gain some.

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Lynn LaFleur said...

There's no such thing as spare time. I no longer work outside the house, but am a full-time writer. I thought I'd have lots more time to do fun stuff once I quit the Stupid Day Job. Ha! I'm as busy as ever, and I can't even blame it on a husband and kids.

I'm learning to schedule my time better. Making a list of things I need to get done is the only way *anything* gets done. My critique partner and I keep track of our word count daily. That helps keep me writing. Now I really *know* how much I'm getting done.

Good luck, Tara. It doesn't get easier as you get older. Darn it!