Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Riddance Valentine's Day

And so another Valentine's Day passes like murky water under the bridge. Bah Humbug! Or something :) Okay, after that, I suppose it's obvious that I was single this Valentines Day. Again. But I'm not bitter... much. So I have spent much of this cardless, giftless, flowerless weekend coming up with reasons why it's good to be single on the 14th of February.

No flowers died for me.
No chocolates = no extra calories.
No hours of indecision over what gift to buy.
No need to succumb to the inflated prices for dinner out.
No disappointment when your significant other doesn't live up to their end of the bargain.

It does help to know that I am not alone but I am just as glad that I was working and busy enough not to think about it too much. I am also glad it's Monday and there is little danger of me hearing that question again. You know the one? It's the question that inspires huge levels of emotion at this time of year, be it dread, anxiety, anger or excitement...
"What did you get for Valentine's Day?"


Mistress Rae said...

I can completely agree with you on the "Good Riddance" to Valentine's day! Cupid's arrows bounce off of my armor, lol. I can't stand the commercialism of this day! GAH! And after going through three trolls to find the husband I have now, Valentine's Day is just an annoyance to me. The only perk is buying my fave chocolates at half price when it's over. A 75 minute wait to get into our favorite restaurant? No thanks. There's was no point in even going out in the first place! We went somewhere else to avoid the mayhem. I know he just wants to make me happy, but you don't need one stinking day to 'prove' it to me. No cards, flowers, or all that other fru-fru crap exchanged between us. The V-Day game is sooo dead to me, lol.

Cait Miller said...

Ooo! I forgot about the whole commercialism aspect! Who want to further line the pockets of the card companies! Bah! LOL!

Diana said...

My husband and I (married 27 yrs) usually ignore the day. He hates that some company is trying to dictate when he should say "I love you". And since he tells me often, I really don't pay much attention to the day either (yes, I tell him, too!).

Except this year we ended up going out to dinner together with another couple. We'd planned it for Saturday -- and it just so happened it was Valentine's Day. The two husbands decided they'd have a little fun with it and they booked a local woman's barbershop quartet (we know one of the four) to come and sing -- pubically--in the restaurant--to us wives.

I can't tell you how many jealous looks we got from the women or how many darts of death our husbands got from the men. LOL!

We turned as red as our blouses, but enjoyed the fun. The group gave us flowers (fake roses), sang their two songs and left for another gig while we enjoyed the rest of our dinner and our husbands grinned like Cheshire cats that they'd pulled it off without telling us.

Since the occasion isn't on a Saturday next year, I'm sure I'll be back to our normal, 26-year-long routine of ignoring the holiday. But this year, it was kinda fun to be reminded that our husbands like to embarrass us every once in a while.

Nikki_Soarde said...

Although I haven't been "single" since I was 19, I've never been a big Valentine's-Day monger, myself either. By that I mean I've never believed in exchanging expensive gifts, or pressuring my man into doing outrageous things just to "prove" he loves me. He does those things, says those things, every day, and I don't need a special, "manufactured" holiday to reinforce it!

Having said that, however, there's nothing wrong with an extra little treat here and there, and Valentine's is as good an excuse as any for that. Over the years I've gotten my share of flowers (usually lilies or carnations over roses), had a few breakfasts in bed, and even gotten a few cards. I vividly remember baking him an ENORMOUS chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a heart one year.

The last few years we enjoy a good Valentine's party where we hang out with good friends and dance into the wee hours. The only diference between that night and all the other nights we go out dancing is the proliferation of red. lol

N.J.Walters said...

This was the 25th Valentine's Day hubby and I have spent together. In the early years, we did more "traditional" stuff. Nowadays, we basically ignore it.

He's wonderful to me 365 days of the year. That matters more than getting roses on Valentine's Day. I dislike the commercial aspect of it.

Hubby always makes sure I have books and chocolate for the weekends. He also cooks and does laundry. What more can a woman ask for?