Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is writing therapeutic and life saving?

As writers, have you ever sat back and realized that our environment plays a part in our manuscript's characters? On a snowy day, without thinking, we may have placed our character's in a warm, cozy shack with hot chocolate (spiked of course)and no way out of this private haven until the storm passes.
The mood can go in a selection of several different ways, all of which I feel are dependent of your own mood. If the environment surrounding you is serene, then your characters have a chance at a quite, romantic escape filled with hot sex. But I've found that it's almost never 'serene' in anyone's household. If the writer is angered (let's say by a lovely, no-it-all 17 year old) then this scene can twist into a full blown argument or fight without the author realizing it until the re-read. But as writers, we have the ability to rearrange the words and bring that fight back on track and end our character's up in a romp of purely erotic sexual release due to the high emotion caused by the argument.
Ever wondered if you in author mode (we have to be clear here so no one ends up in lock-up for murder) Killed someone off because you were angry? Did the dead character take on physical aspects of the individual you were angered by?
Does this mean that writing is therapeutic and saves lives?
I believe it is. Because in real life, we can't just kill people off. But on paper...
Can you tell I've had enough of winter and want spring?


Lynn LaFleur said...

It's very cool to be able to do things on paper that I'd never do in real life. I most definitely have wanted to hurt a co-worker. I can't do that in real life and stay out of jail, but I can do it in a book.

I think about my menage books. They're incredibly fun to write, but I've never been in one and have no intention of being in one.

Although it's fun to fantasize...


Cait Miller said...

Yeah, writing can help you to excersise the demons of the day or fantasise about the hot guy you saw at the supermarket. Or give you an outlet to kill off the person who pissed you off without worrying about disposing with the body... then again you still need to figure out how to get rid of the body in the book.... LOL! I think if we weren't writers we would possibly be in therapy!