Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

I had thought about a few things I could blog about. I could go on and on about my TBR list, or just blab about my personal life, but I decided not to do that.

Why you ask?

Well, because all of that is pretty boring, and besides, it’s FATHER’S DAY!

I don’t think I appreciated my dad that much until I had a child of my own. . .shocker. Suddenly, all those words of wisdom he’d given me over the years seemed much more relevant than they had when I was in my teens.

Once I realized my old man wasn’t the idiot I thought he was when it came to raising children, I started to reconsider some of his other pearls of wisdom. And what do you know? Some of those gems make a lot of sense. For your education, I’ll share some of my favorites.

Never believe what you hear, and only half of what you see.

A crack on the ass never hurt anyone. (I beg to differ. . .)

You may think you can be rude to your mother, but don’t you dare disrespect my wife. (his wife is my mother, they’ve been married for 43 years)

I don’t care what your husband looks like or does for a living as long as he treats you well. (and is a Red Sox fan)

Find a job you love or you’ll be miserable half your waking hours.

Having a lot of money never made anyone healthier or a better person.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. (or in my case, fool me six or seven times and someday I’ll finally learn and dump your ass.)

And my absolute favorite. . .

It’s noon somewhere.

For all you fathers out there, enjoy your day! To all of you who've lost your fathers, I hope some of my dad's gems reminded you of your own dad.


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Lynn LaFleur said...

Your dad's gems are truly gems. I lost my dad 24 years ago and still miss him.