Monday, December 14, 2009

Tis' The Season

Today someone told me there are only 10 shopping days left till Christmas. What the heck!? What happened to the rest of December? In fact, what happened to the rest of the year? The Christmas tree went up on the 2nd of December (since I was working the 1st) and I started my Christmas shopping on the 3rd. I know I said I'd start earlier this year but I say the same thing every year and I *never* do. Shopping in December never fails to make me lose my temper because everyone else seems to have lost their minds and their manners. You'd think I'd learn my lesson but I have been known to be shopping on Christmas Eve at 5pm. This year I have managed to finish a bit earlier. Today as a matter of fact.

But the horror doesn't end there, oh no. For now I have to steel myself for the worst Christmas task ever... grocery shopping a few days before THE day. Are fresh vegetables really THAT important? Can't we have frozen turkey? Or better still, can't we just order Chinese food for 10? Why do people feel the need to fill their trolleys like it's the day before Armageddon? The shops are only shut for ONE day for pity's sake! For now, I'll just pray to leave the store with all my fingers intact, as few bruises as possible and hopefully everything I need. But you know what? On Christmas day, when all my family are around me, when the food is eaten and the Christmas spirits are out of the bottle. When gifts are given and received. When I'm another year older. It'll all be worth it.

Won't it?


Claudia said...

You remind me of me. Christmas decorating consists of 1 snowman candle holder and a Christmas tree card holder. Shopping? Surely you're kidding. If I can't order it on-line, make one trip to the mall and the bookstore, it doesn't get done. I used to love shopping on Christmas Eve. Didn't even mind the crowds. I'm doing the grocery shopping this week. Unless I run out of eggs or milk, I won't be out and about next week to shop anywhere.

I've a favorite aunt whose birthday is the 25th. An early Happy Birthday to you.

Shayla Kersten said...

I'm a borderline Bah-Humbuger! *cackle* I don't decorate the house. Why give the cats something else to destroy? We only give gifts to the four nieces. Although this year, the oldest is 20 yo and has a steady gf so I'm adding one more to the list. And, I give them cash. Easy peasy! LOL As far as food, a couple of years ago we started a new tradition. We don't do a fancy Christmas dinner. Last year we had choice of chili, bean soup or veggie soup, all homemade. Momma still made Christmas cookies and cinnamon rolls. YUM! Makes for a stress free holiday!

Hope you have a fabulous Christmas in spite of the grocery store phobia!

Diana said...

So I probably shouldn't tell you the house is all decorated (love how it looks dressed in its finery), most of the cookies are made and all the presents bought (but not yet wrapped).

(Ducking behind the other Scribes before Cait throws snowballs across The Pond)

N.J.Walters said...

I love Christmas. I have the halls decked, nothing elaborate because we live in an apartment, but I like it.

I'll pick up last minute groceries on the 23rd and will hit the mall early on the 24th because I love to watch the crowds. LOL Call me crazy.

Cait Miller said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! I guess my post did come over all Scroogey but I actually do love Christmas. I love the lights, I love giving people gifts and who doesn't like recieving them? But. I hate Christmas shopping in December. People just seem to lose their minds at this time of year :)