Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dreaded words: Writers Block

Writers Block, every writer suffers from it every now and again. Overcoming it is a problem. I've suffered a bit from this dreaded syndrome this past month. Several times, I've sat with my laptop and attempted to focus, to put something on the page, even if it sounds ridiculous. But it just hasn't come. I've even done the one thing I hate...I've written a couple of outlines hoping to jumpstart the process. It produced nothing but frustration especially after reading the paragraphs I'd written. Ugh, it read like CRAP.
Ever wonder if writer's block syndrome is related to the season (winter in particular)? You look outside and see nothing but white. No birds chirping. No flowers. No warm sunny glow seeping through the window to warm your face and uplift the soul. And no matter how many times you wipe the floor, some loving family members trods in tracking clumps of dirty snow without regards to what you've just done. I've gotten to the point, I just keep towels on the floor and swap them out for dry ones. I'm just praying the washer and dryer hold out from towel overload. I can't just blame the hubby and teenagers. I've got three dogs who traipse in and out constantly. Wish I could teach those little buggers to wipe their feet and dislodge all snowballs from their fur outside the door, not in.
Maybe, I'll just have a Guiness and hope that ignites the brainwaves to communicate with the fingers and press the right keys to create an awesome story.


Lynn LaFleur said...

What works best for me when the words won't come is to get away from my computer and do something entirely read or scrapbook. Working on a scrapbook page seems to loosen up my muse and gets her moving in the right direction again.

Chocolate helps too.


Diana said...

I know just houw you feel, Tara. It's easy to let life just carry you away when the words won't come. Getting back, however, isn't an easy course. Keep writing those outlines!

Cait Miller said...

You know I understand exactly how you feel. Don't do what I do and let it lie too long.