Sunday, April 17, 2011

What Do I Blog About Now?

I admire people who have so much going on in their lives or are so clever that they can blog every day. I can't do that. I live a simple life. I get out of bed, I shower, I have breakfast, I check email, I write, I have lunch, I check email, I write, I check email, I have supper, I watch TV, I go to bed, I read a while, I go to sleep. Somewhere in there I do dishes, laundry, vacuum, and clean off my desk so I can find a pen when I need it.

So I wondered what I could tell you about this time that would spark your interest and entertain you.

The weather? Spring has sprung! That means it's allergy season for me. Okay, that covered the weather.

Movies I've seen? I went to see The Tourist the end of December. Otherwise I have a Netflix subscription and watch movies at home. I recently watched Tangled (loved it!) and finished the last disc of the third season of the BBC production of Robin Hood. I didn't like the ending, but I enjoyed the series.

Books I've read? Sunday is my reading day, along with the bit of reading I do at night before going to sleep. I've been catching up on the Scribes' books that have been stacked up, waiting to be read. I recently finished:

Snowy Night Seduction by Arianna Hart
Finding the Magic by Cait Miller
Tales from the Ramayana by Diana Hunter
Winter's Rose by Ruby Storm
Playing Cowboy by Tara Nina
After the Ceremony by Tielle St. Clare

Man, these ladies are talented! I'm managing to read a book a week, which isn't nearly enough to satisfy my need to immerse myself in other authors' worlds. I'd love to have more time to read, but writing comes first. After all, that's my job and I LOVE my job.

Hobbies? I love to scrapbook. One of my friends is a consultant for Creative Memories and has a huge room at her house where she holds scrapbooking classes. I go there at least twice a month. We scrapbook, gossip, and eat chocolate. What could be better?

So now I've written a whole blog. That's pretty good considering I had nothing to blog about. I hope part of it sparked your interest and entertained you.

Have a great week!



Tielle St. Clare said...

How fun, Lynn. See a good writer doesn't always need a topic to make the words interesting! And Tangled is on my list of movies to watch. From the sound of it, I won't watch Robin Hood. Doesn't appear I'll like the ending either (I want a happy ending...that's why I write romance).

Ruby Storm said...

I haven't seen Tangled yet but my 6 year old granddaughter was just telling me about it. We did take both girls to HOP yesterday! Very cute! Having the girls is a good excuse to go the the theater and see the movies on a big screen. Three nights ago I watched Eat, Pray, Love and I LOVED it. Don't watch too many movies because I just never get the chance.

Tara Nina said...

I haven't seen tangled yet but it's on my list of ones to watch. I love upbeat funny movies. My daughter and I stayed up watching Shanghi Noon for about the millionth time last night.
I haven't found the time to read as much as I would like. I think I'll take a hint from Lynn and read each night before bed. That way I can write during the day and enjoy someone else's creativity at night for fun.