Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 ~ A Big Year For The SIZZLING SCRIBES!

Ah, yes. It’s going to be a huge year for my writing group, the Sizzling Scribes. I’m so thrilled to be with this group of talented women. We number seven: Tielle St. Clare, Tara Nina, Lynn LaFleur, Cait Miller, Arianna Hart, Diana Hunter and myself. I wanted to let you know here on this blog exactly what we all having coming up to make 2012 a great year of reading!

First off we’ve all collaborated on a series called the Sweet Spot Series that we, as a group will release throughout the coming year. All these stories will be intertwined and takes place in our town called Port Clef, CT and will be self-published. So watch for the banner on our covers and you’ll know that you’re in for some hot and sexy tales of love and romance!

Tielle St. Clare will be first up in February with Three’s The Charm. Also, she’s currently working on a sequel to Let Sleeping Wolves Lie which was a self pubbed book released this past November. And she’s working on the first of a three-book series for Ellora’s Cave. Not quite ready to share the details yet, but these will be m/f/m and very sexy. No release dates yet. Also Tielle will be included in Ellora’s Cave’s Something Wicked Comes This Way anthology.

Tara Nina is currently working on the fourth book in the Cursed MacKinnons series, the second Night Prey book, and her upcoming release, Portal to Passion, which will be published with Ellora’s Cave. Sometime this year she will also have a short story in the Something Wicked This Way Comes Volume 3 anthology from Ellora’s Cave titled Sinful Seduction. Also, Tara has a great story as one of the seven in the Sizzling Scribes Sweet Spot Series!

Lynn LaFleur has contracted another book with Ellora’s Cave, the fourth in her Coopers’ Companions series featuring Breanna Talmage and the hunky detective Evan Stone. Look for Armed and Delicious in the spring. Next up for Lynn after she finishes Armed and Delicious is Candlelight Wish, her contribution to the Sizzling Scribes’ Sweet Spot series.

Cait Miller has set herself up for a great year, too! She’s had THREE new stories accepted for publication by Ellora’s Cave. She is going into 2012 with a bang with her second m/m story, Unconventional Romance, which will be part of Volume 4 of the Something Wicked This Way Comes anthology.

Arianna Hart is back! Family medical problems have kept her busy over the past few years but things are great for her and her family and she’s looking forward to the writing life once more. Ari has contracted with Samhain Publishing and her story is called Waking Up. Be sure to watch for it. Also, don’t forget her Sweet Spot Series story due out in March!

Diana Hunter has been busy! First off she took a short break to write a quick erotic short story that she’s published under the name Mystic Shade—for the shadier sides of our desires. You can find links to Yours to Command on Mystic’s site. At first tempted to publish this short story under her more familiar name, Diana decided to separate the more erotic stories from her erotic romances using a different name. That way readers know exactly what to expect. So if you want historical fiction, look for CF Duprey. If you want erotica, look for Mystic Shade. And, if you want erotic romance, look for Diana Hunter.

Me? Man, I hope I can keep up! This is what I have going! Dragcon: Kiss of Fire (sequel to Dragcon’s Snare) is almost done and will be another self pubbed book. Mating Ritual will be one of five stories included in Ellora’s Cave’s anthology Something Wicked This Way Comes Volume 4. Precious Gems, a three-story anthology my books Perfecting Pearl, Sapphire’s Seduction and Essence of Emerald is coming out this spring in print!

So that’s the Sizzling Scribe 2012 story and we’re stickin’ to it! And I’m willing to bet that we’ll have a few surprises, too!

Have a healthy and happy start to 2012. May we all prosper and make our dreams come true!

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