Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Revisiting Old Friends

I buy a LOT of books, so much so that they are kinda taking over my house. I know some of you can relate to this. My friends say “Why do you keep all these books? Do you re-read them? Why? Don’t you know them by heart?”

They just don’t understand.

Aside from the fact that I can’t bear to see a book thrown in the trash, some of these books are like old friends. I love a new book. Losing myself in new characters and new worlds, continuing adventures of beloved characters. But… sometimes you just want to revisit old friends. People you’ve known for years and re-living memories. Experiencing those emotions again and spending time with people you love. This month I’m re-reading the Anita Blake series and it’s been long enough that it’s almost like the first time.

Who are your favourite old friends?


Cris Anson said...

Claire and Jamie Fraser from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. I've reread the whole batch several times now.

Pam Funke said...

I definitely understand. I have so many books myself. Who doesn't keep a good book around? Even if you do know a book by heart, they're still awesome to read over and over again.