Sunday, April 14, 2013

Springtime in Texas

Springtime in Texas means the bluebonnets are in bloom. They start blooming in early April and only last about six weeks, darn it. I would love for them to last longer.

Bluebonnets aren't the only wildflowers we enjoy in our beautiful state. There are also pink primroses.

And Indian Paintbrush. Their orange color is so striking against the green grass.

Plus these cute little yellow daisy-looking wildflowers. I'm not sure of their name, but I don't need to know the name to enjoy them.

And many more. If you want to see something truly beautiful, visit Texas in the springtime. You'll love our wildflowers as much as we do.



Angelia Sparrow said...

Bluebonnets always make me think of Rollerball. Start about 1hr :24 minute mark

Or maybe they're bluebells... Been a long time

Kathy Kulig said...

Gorgeous, Lynn! I love spring flowers. Our Forsythias are blooming, the daffodils and my weeping cherry tree. My tulips are about to bloom too. Now if it would get warmer. :)

Tara Nina said...

I love the flowers. Makes me want to pack and pop on over to Texas for a visit.

N.J.Walters said...

Love the flowers. There's a light sprinkle of snow covering everything here this morning.

lisekimhorton said...

The bluebonnet photo was simply lovely! A good friend of mine, author Milton T. Burton (who passed away in December 2011) always forwarded me photos of the expanses of the flowers when they bloomed. They were his favorites! Thank you for sharing all the springtime Texas blooms!

Cinta Cambodia said...

Hi, i am from Cambodia.

The flowers are beautiful. Here in Cambodia, we are expect the first rain of planting season. Soon we will see the ocean of rice field. thousands hectare of it as we drive to the countryside.

The nature are so beautiful, for the One and Only Maker is Awesome.