Sunday, August 26, 2007

Paranormals: Still Hot!

What is it about paranormal books that we love so much? The vampires, werewolves, warlocks, witches, aliens...they all grab us and keep us hooked until we turn the last page in the book.


Real life is full of schedules, traffic, headaches, kids' events. When I read, I want to escape...I want to go someplace where the hero wants nothing more than to pleasure me. He wants to love me, protect me, and give me multiple orgasms.

In my new book, SEDUCTION'S SPELL, my heroine owns an antebellum mansion with an enchanted water well. Her guests who drink the water are affected however they need to be to find happiness. It might be a woman who needs the strength to tell her husband how she really feels. Perhaps it's a woman who is willing to let go and allow a man to care for her. Maybe it's the man who wants to win back the love of his life. Happiness can be theirs with the help of Belle and her enchanted water.

I love writing with a touch of the paranormal. There are no limits, no boundaries. The hero and heroine (or maybe there are two heroes) will find happiness either here on earth or on a planet light years away.

And you can bet the heroine will have multiple orgasms.



Titania Ladley said...

Oh yeah, agreed! The possibilities are endless with paranormals, such fascinating worlds to escape into, characters with cool powers, and even *paranormal* magical sex. [eg] Can't wait to read SEDUCTION'S SPELL!


Micqui Miller said...

If you haven't read Seduction's Spell, do it NOW!!

And once you've read it, you'll be searching Mapquest for directions to Belle on the Bend--guaranteed.

Micqui Miller