Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome to our world!

Happy blogging, everyone!

Well, the Sizzling Scribes have finally joined the land of Blog and we're very happy to be here! Hope this is a corner of the web that you'll all enjoy visiting. We've taken our Fantasy Club Group and expanded with hopes that you'll partake in all our chatting and yakking and laughing.

What we've got on tap for you is a weekly visit from one of our authors and I get to be the first guinea pig. (Check out our pic at the bottom of the page. It's the shining faces of our ten members.) And each week we plan to spotlight one of our authors' books. But that's not the only reason we're here. We want to start a conversation but you feel free to join in and head in an entirely different direction if that's what your heart desires!

So...what the heck should we start with now? I know, just a quick comment on His Toys. I've had some wonderful reviewer responses to my first ever story written for Ellora's Cave's Exotika line. That excites me...that gives me goosebumps...that gives me an orga.... Wait a minute. I'm giving myself away. LOL.

It's been a wild summer and I can't believe how quickly it's coming to an end. It's like I blinked and suddenly it was August. Before I know it, snowballs will be banging me in the ass up here in northern Minnesota. That's okay. It'll make me stay home and get some writing done! Ah, can't wait for a cozy fire, a hot drink, a warm body lying next to me so we can... crap! There I go again.

Say, have any of you ever seen the show Queer as Folk? It used to be on showtime. I think I've found a new hero. I love Johnny Depp...will always love JD, but I've had to slide him a weeeee bit over on the shelf to make room for Gale Harold. Oh yowsa! Even at my age, a stud like him does it for me. LOL. Why I don't know...could be he's a fantastic actor. Makes me laugh out loud one minute and can bring tears to my eyes a second later. There's something about him that curls my toes.

I guess I've rambled enough for the day. (Not really...I just want to go pop in an episode of QAF so I can rev the engine and blow out a little exhaust!)

You all have a wonderful week and I'll be checking back! Luv ya!

Huggers, Ruby


Cait Miller said...

Hi Ruby! Congrats on losing your blogging virginity! Never seen Queer As Folk myself, but I definitely feel you on the Johnny Depp thing... whenever I watch Pirates Of The Caribbean I can never decide whether to watch him or Orlando Bloom. Orlando is winning recently though...

Serena said...

Morning sunshine!

Snowballs doing what to your ass? Jeepers, only you. Hey, how bout them Toys? I had to make my hubby read it and Gramma is pissed that I forgot to give it to her to read when she came over this last time LOL. (I printed it up) So, jeepers, never watched QAF and JD is ok (waiting to get lynched for that comment) but my latest drolling obsession is Eureka, OMG Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) I don't know what it is about me and Jacks (that sounds horrible) Jack O'Neill, Jack Carter (SG-1 geek that I am giggled at his name) and well, ok, Jack Sparrow is fun too. There was another Jack, but he's gone off, can't remember which *WEG*

So, I think you did a fabu job on your virgin voyage.

Anyone reading anything good out there?

Missy said...

Hi Ruby and the other authors. I love the blog and I hope that ya'll summer is cooler than mine is here in the South - remember Nashville Ruby LOL. I'll be checking on ya'll and try to be have here. LOL

Ruby Storm said...

LOL Serena!

Good lord, why did I know that you would comment in regard to the snowballs and my ass. SNORT!! And for the record, I did snort coffee when I read about Jack going off somewhere. Leave it to you!


Ruby Storm said...

Morning, Missy!

Remember Nashville? Oh yeah. Every bead of sweat--oh wait, girls don't sweat, they perspire-- so, every bead of perspiration I've felt trickling down between the sagging crack of my boobs this summer has reminded me of the heatwave in Nashville! Man, I can't take the heat. I think I'm going to insist that Tielle take me in up there in Alaska!

Hope all is well with you!


Ruby Storm said...

Hi Ms Cait:

Yup, my blogcherry is busted. nothing sacred anymore? LOL


Diana said...

Ruby has snowballs up her ass???

Johnny Depp is a definite for me. Just got back from DisneyWorld and rode the Pirates of the Carribean attraction THREE times (would've been more but my family wanted to go do some silly Space Mountain).

Anyway...Jack Sparrow has been added to the attraction and let me tell you, animatronics sure has come a long way since the thing opened! He's in three different scenes and the first one is so incredibly life-like I swear I thought it was him (or a really good impersonator). Amazing!

So if you can't meet the real thing...there's a drool-worthy animatronic down in Florida!

Thanks for getting us started, Ruby! And it's August. Take the snowballs out of your ass until December.


Lynn LaFleur said...

Good morning, Ms. Rubes! Mega thanks for getting us started on our blog. We're going to have so much fun here!

As for drool worthy hunks, I've found a new one. He used to play on CSI and is now on Days of Our Lives, the only soap I watch: Marcus Patrick. Yowza! His eyes are incredible. So is everything else. And yes, I got a good look at everything else cause he's in Playgirl this month. That man can star in my fantasies anytime!


Erin the Innocent said...

Welcome to the land of the blog :)

I've never seen Queer as Folk but I'm with you on the attraction of Johnny Depp *g*

As for the snowballs hitting you on the ass ... maybe try wearing pants. *g* You won't get as cold that way.

~Erin the Innocent (always helpful)

Ruby Storm said...

Man, did I leave myself open as far as snowballs up the ass. *SNORT*

Droolworthy hunks. Hey Lynn, I'd LOVE to see your hunk's 'spread'. teehee Gotta love a good bod and a sexy face. I googled him and got some images for ya!,DAUS:2006-08,DAUS:en&um=1&sa=X&oi=images&ct=title always are so helpful! Yes, I'll quit running in the buff and find some pants.


Titania Ladley said...

**Before I know it, snowballs will be banging me in the ass up**

What, is this part of the plot in your next book? Title: His Snowballs. *snicker* Sorry, babe, couldn't resist.

Lynne!!! Quit hogging and slide that Playboy on over my way. ;)

Howdy Serena, Erin, Missy, Sister Scribes, and lurkers! Thanks for checking out our new blog venture! Hope you'll all come back and chat every week. :)


N.J.Walters said...

Congrats on your new blog ladies! Y'all are a good looking bunch. :-)

Titania Ladley said...

NJ Walters wrote: **Congrats on your new blog ladies! Y'all are a good looking bunch. :-) **

Heya, NJ! Thanks so much for stopping by and offering your congrats. We're green at this blog stuff, so we're still getting the feel for it. LMAO on the good looking bunch comment! Yeah, we all dug out our best photos from 20-some years ago. Heehee

Hope to see you popping in more often!