Sunday, December 23, 2007

How Big Do You Want It?

Long? Medium? Just enough to satisfy? How big do you want it?

Of course, I'm talking about book length. You couldn't possibly have thought I was referring to anything else.

Sometimes a short story is enough. You want to sit down for an hour or two and polish off that fast-paced, sexy romance that makes you want to attack your significant other as soon as you're through reading. Sometimes you want something category or novel length that takes a bit longer to read and contains more twists and turns as the plot unfolds, or the hero and heroine slowly fall in love.

Then there are the times you want to completely immerse yourself in a long book. It could be women's fiction, romance suspense, mystery...any of those usually provide several hours of reading pleasure with more plot, more characters, and more sex.

Personally, I like variety. I like short books that I can finish in one sitting, and I like those 100K+ books that I can savor over several days.

A cup of hot tea and a warm afghan thrown over my legs, and I'm all set to trade places with the heroine when the hero takes her in his arms.

I love a happy ending.



Diana said...

I remember when my daughter was born (on a Saturday morning). The next day, I lay in bed, lingering over the Sunday newspaper, taking my time eating a leisurely breakfast...and in walks the doctor. He laughed out loud to see me taking my ease as my newborn daughter slept in the nursery. I'll never forget him telling me, "Enjoy this won't see it again for the next ten least!"

He was right. When the kids were little, short stories were all I had time for. And if I had the tererity to pick up a novel? I'd better read through it in one day flat 'cause I wasn't going to get another break for months!

But the kids are teenagers now...and choosing a book because it's one I WANT to read rather than one I CAN read in a given amount of time is a luxury I'm back to enjoying. :)

Good topic, Lynn! Happy Holidays!


Titania Ladley said...

Great blog title hook! Heehee, at first I thought you did mean *that*, and I was like, "Yeah, go, Lynn, go!" *eg* But the other one's a good topic, too. ;) I used to prefer long only, but now I like short, too. *blush* It all depends on my mood. Um, somehow I feel all naughty, and all I'm doing is answering an innocent book-length question. ROFL!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Micqui Miller said...

As long as there's an element of mystery along with all that fuzzy warm lovemaking, I don't care whether it's a short story or epic, it'll hook me.

Santa, bring it on!

Micqui Miller

Nikki_Soarde said...

Hmmm....generally I prefer long stories where I can really get to know the characters and identify with them! I love the sense of having something that I'm eager to get back to, even if I do have to leave it for a few days. There's that anticipation that goes along with being halfway through a really good story. Of feeling like you know the characters so well that they've become friends and you're life is so entwined with theirs that...
oops....kinda lost myself there for a second! lol

But there is something to be said for a quick read that you can fit in during those few minutes you have available during a coffee break at work or on a bus ride.

All in's all about the story and characters. It's not the's what you do with it. ;-)

N.J.Walters said...

It really depends on my mood. Sometimes shorter is better, but there are times when only a long, involved book will do. :-)

Happy Holidays to Lynn and all the other Sizzling Scribes!

Anny Cook said...

I like 'em all as long as they have a beginning, middle, and end. Sad to say, some of the short ones seem to be missing the middle or end ...or beginning. Sigh.