Sunday, January 13, 2008

Grocery shopping & snow storms

Sorry I am late blogging.
I got up early to go to the Grocery store which is my normal early morning routine
on Sunday's because I like fresh sandwich meat for the week's lunches. I also like the
fact that it's less crowded due to most people being in church but sinners like me
well, i like having fun (LOL) and God knows where to find me if he needs me.
Next time I hear there's snow in the forecast, I think I'll skip it.
Why is it that when a snow storm is predicted that every old person in town decides
they have to pack the stores? Do they think the world will end if they don't buy up
all the bread and milk?

I'm open to reason. I'm sure they think that the snow will pile up and they might
not be able to get out for days. But aren't most people prepared from week to week.
God knows, my pantry stays packed with canned goods and bottled water. But is
that just me?
What's in your pantry? I'd love to know.

Now lets switch to something else since we're on the subject of food and I've ranted over the packed store.
Anyone out there got a favorite snowy day dish? Something you make when the family is
stuck home and the fire's toasty in the fireplace or woodburning stove.
What do you make when you're snowed in?
I'm making lasagna. My 16 yr old is having his friends over later to watch the
Giant's play. There's snow in the forecast and a fire in the wood stove.
I'm home for the day and will pop back to hear what you've got to say.

Looking forward to playing with ya'll
Tara Nina
I'd love to hear.


Lynn LaFleur said...

Since I live in North Texas, snowy days are a rarity for me. In fact, the sun is shining and it's supposed to be 60 degrees today. That's a far cry from snow!

As for favorite dishes when it's cold, nothing beats a big pot of stew.


Tara Nina said...

sounds yummy.
I love stew.
Beef is great.
But have you tried

Jane Bierce said...

My favorite -- and I'm making it today as per popular request -- is madaroni and cheese "the hard way." Not out of a box. I shred cheddar and colby-jack, boil elbow mac and small shell pasta -- milk, flavored bread crumbs or add some of my herbs to the top...thirty minutes at 350 and dinner is READY!

Titania Ladley said...

Snow's definitely an issue where I'm at, although the weather forecasters never seem to get it right in my area---it often ends up less severe than originally reported. But just in case, I usually end up doing that bread and milk rush in anticipation of getting snowed in. It doesn't matter how much I shop during the week, with a houseful of hungry and snack-addicted peeps, my cupboards are never full. lol

Mmmm, Jane, mac and cheese sounds wonderful right now, especially the way you describe making it! I think I'll go whip up a batch now. :)


Diana said...

Chex mix. Roaring fireplace, a good book, a comfy chair, hot chocolate...and Chex mix.

Hmmm...wonder when the next storm is predicted for my area????

Anthology Authors said...

Well, we don't see snow here in Southern California, except on the mountains in the distance, but when I came down for lunch from a day of snow skiing (too many years ago), I loved chili with cheese sprinkled on top and hot chocolate. Absolutely nothing better!


Joan said...

I live in Florida and it hasn't snowed in Tampa in 30 years. Then it snowed just enough to make it dangerous to drive.

When it is cold (it did go down to 29 here last week), I love to make a good pot of chili. Beef stew or anything made with a homemake red sauce is a close second

Joan said...

Although I live in Florida (it hasn't snowed in Tampa in 30 years). A nice big pot of homemade chili is good when it is cold.

Beef stew or anything with a homemade red sauce is always good too.