Sunday, January 6, 2008

Makeup that stays on damn near forever

Has it ever driven you nuts sometimes, just being a female and trying to keep yourself sizzling? Sometimes my sizzle is nothing more than a few pathetic little pops, but, hey, I try.

Anyways, in an attempt to increase my sizzle, I have to admit that I’ve been sucked into the latest make-up trend—that is, make-up that stays “on” for damn near forever. I can’t help enjoying the results of it. There’s something inherently satisfying about putting make-up on at 7:00 AM and then being able to walk into a ladies’ room at 3:45 PM, looking just as good as you did in the morning.

It used to suck putting on make-up only to look in the mirror during a lunch-time bathroom break to see my efforts all gone to waste. Foundation just disappeared. Where did it go?

Who knows? Maybe it evaporated off my face, LOL.

Lipstick was a mere pale shadow of the luxurious red I’d applied only hours before. However, at least I knew where that went. It was smeared on the top edge of every coffee cup I drank out of. And mascara? OMG! Don’t get me started—invariably I had raccoon eyes, looking like a Hustler reject that had been well used by band of Hell’s Angel’s and put away wet. Hey, nothing looks as skanky as raccoon eyes. So—I was thrilled when the long-lasting make-up started coming out in the 90’s. Now, I have to admit it did have some bugs that needing working out.

The first foundation I tried did look great but it scared me, some. The stuff dried super fast as I was putting it on and I swear it was paint solvent-based instead of water-based. I had to spread it on very fast or it would end up looking like I had applied spackle. And getting it off? Soap and water just beaded up on my face. I had to use several applications of cold cream to get it off. It really makes you wonder what the heck it was made out of. It had to be flesh colored paint. Still, it was great to finally have something that looked pretty good for most of the day.

After the long-lasting foundations came out, next were the truly non-smearing, water-proof mascaras. Now I have to say that there were some that CLAIMED that they were non-smearing, water-proof mascaras long before that. And it’s possible that for many women, they really did stay on with no problems. But for me with my oily skin, I’d put them on only to grind my teeth with frustration when I checked my make-up to only find skanky raccoon eyes two hours later. It was damn near a miracle for me to have long, dark pretty lashes that didn’t melt.


I could now wear mascara without looking like a whore!Last but not least, lip-paint was truly a revolution that made my spot of the universe a very happy one. I loved having the color stay true and just as important, I enjoyed the non-smearing aspect. I can remember eating a cinnamon twist roll years ago and feeling queasy looking at the bright red outline on the pastry from my lipstick. It’s very nice not having to see that anymore.

I’d love to hear back from you guys about your favorite make-up that makes you sizzle. I’ve tried most of the make-up out there on the market. My personal favorites are ColorStay® Makeup with SoftFlexTM for combination oily/normal skin, CoverGirl’s Professional Waterproof mascara, and CoverGirl’s Outlast All-day Lipcolor.

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Titania Ladley said...

I use Max Factor's Lipfinity lip color---it's liquid in a tube with a sponge brush tip, and man does that stuff ever stay on! It dries fast and color really does hang on all day long, kinda like paint. *g* (I don't like using the glossy stuff that comes with it that you're supposed to put over the color, because it tends to make the color come off easier.) I also use Max Factor's Hydrofuge waterproof mascara, which stays on like concrete! LOL! In truth, I hate having to wear makeup. I love those days when I don't have to go anywhere and can just go all-natural. :) It's fun, though, to put makeup on my characters when I'm creating them. The submission I just turned in has a secondary character who wears heavy eyeliner and always has on bright pink lipstick. LMAO! She's a real character and a half who's got her love story coming, too. ;)

Have a great week!