Sunday, November 9, 2008

Let's Step Back From The Madness

It’s been a wild past week here in the United States. Well, maybe the word ‘wild’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. Frenetic? Extreme? Passionate? For me? I’M SO DANG GLAD THE ELECTION IS OVER! It’s back to our regularly scheduled programs and that’s ALL I’m going to say as far as politics.

Instead I thought I’d dedicate my blogging to softer, less passionate subjects. Just some musings, simply some thoughts that run through my mind when I climb into bed at the end of the day.

The holiday season is upon us and because of my busy lifestyle, I have to say I’m sooo looking forward to even the one day of the Thanksgiving weekend to spend with my entire extended family. The computer will be shut down, our business will be closed for the day so hopefully the interruptions of my usually fast paced days will be put on the back burner (along with the boiling potatoes).

Our family ‘get-togethers’ whether official holidays or a stolen afternoon to share one another’s company are often loud and joyful. No matter whose house we are at, there is always a room for the kids to play in with toy boxes and cardboard boxes hauled up from the basement. It’s wonderful to see where the younger members’ imagination will take them. They build forts, they form musical bands and march through the living room, they pretend they’re on a wild safari in Africa, sometimes even becoming the wild herds of zebras or giraffes. Sometimes they play school, each taking on the revolving role as instructor. And there’s always dress-up time, which I think is the most fun for them. Old adult shoes, draping jewelry and big floppy hats. Wherever it is or whatever persona they’ve taken up for the moment, they’re comfortable and happy and the smiles are wide. We as adults should learn from them. They’re never told to be quiet or to stay in the playroom because they’re allowed just as much say in the day as an adult has. It’s their holiday or their day off, too, so we all want them to enjoy the time as much as we ‘elders’ do. I hope you’re not imagining the perfect Norman Rockwell setting because family days with my group is so far off that mark! We’re loud and rambunctious and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’ve got another anniversary of sorts coming up on November 28th. For you animal lovers, it’s the first anniversary of my Kaydee’s passing. She was a great dog, a yellow Labrador retriever with velvet ears and eyes that would encompass your soul. We were fortunate enough to have her with us thirteen years. Man, I miss her and so does everyone else. She was such a clown, had a huge personality and was such an integral part of our family. In the boat, in the car, camping trips, hunting trips, trips to the dairy queen, special treats for her birthday…she was included in on everything. My kids grew up with Kaydee and hardly a visit passed from them (when they came to visit as adults) that they didn’t get down on the floor and wrestle with her. And when the granddaughters entered the picture she would just about turn inside out with joy when they came through the door. Her mantra was the more humans around, the happier she was. Kaydee was that once in a lifetime family pet that any animal lover would have loved to have. And as silly as it sounds, there will be a candle burning on the 28th in her memory.

Winter is right around the corner here in Minnesota. In fact I’m watching big fluffy flakes falling outside my office window as I type. We’ve done all the necessary steps to get ready for Ma Nature at her worst. The yard is raked and ready to be hidden beneath a blanket of snow. The snowplow is ready to be mounted on the truck to keep the driveway clear. Water hoses are wrapped and stored away, gardens have been cleaned out. And as those chores were being completed without too much complaint because they’re things that need to be done, we looked forward to those coming cold wintry nights when we can snuggle up nice and warm against the elements, to sipping on a hot toddy and disregard the eventual ‘sound of winter’ as it rattles the window panes. And yes, we’ll talk about the tasks of the coming spring and know that when the melt starts, we’ll be filled with the smug satisfaction that we made it through another cold winter without too much wear and tear on our bodies (or our livers. LOL)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention one more thing that I’m thankful for in this season of gratitude. My family has weathered one of the most horrific storms of our lives. My mother, who sits at our family’s center, has made it through her chemotherapy. Not so much with flying colors because that ‘rat poison’ just about did her in, yet she mustered her battle with extreme courage and her typical sense of aplomb that is so a part of her disposition. So far, it looks like she came out the victor. She’s definitely the first thing on my list of prayers. Mom is a trouper and has set an example for all of us to follow once more. And it is with great hope on my part that she’ll be here for many more family riots (what else can I call our get-togethers????). Go Mom! You’re my hero.

In closing, as I grow older I’ve learned to not sweat the little stuff. I know that sometimes in the moment, a certain event can seem insurmountable but it’s amazing how age grows wisdom. Life is life. Simple as that.

So. There’s some Ruby Storm musings for you to ponder. We didn’t talk books here today, we didn’t discuss erotica. And thank god we put politics back there with the boiling potatoes. Have a wonderful week and enjoy your holiday season. I know I’m going to—as long as I don’t get caught in a snow drift. Toodles!


Titania Ladley said...

I hope you and your family have a great holiday, Ruby! And give Ma hugs for us. :)


Lynn LaFleur said...

Wonderful musings, Ruby. I so look forward to the holidays and the time with my whole family. It's rare to get the nieces and nephews together at the same time, so it's precious when we do all get together.


Cait Miller said...

I love your mom Ruby, give her a big hug for me. I only met her once - so far - and I think she is fabulous! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season, you surely do have an extra something to be thankful for.