Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So here we are on the 21st of December, the shortest day of the year here in the UK and 4 days from Christmas. Are you ready yet? Done all your shopping, wrapping and preparing? I have (well almost). I don't have much choice since I'm working over Christmas. Unfortunately babies are still born on Christmas day (I myself am living proof of that) so I am doing a twelve hour day shift on Christmas Eve and 3 nightshifts after that. And it really sucks to work on Christmas Day AND your birthday.

In view of that I thought in this blog I would ask you all to spare a thought for the millions of people who are working over the festive period. Nurses, Doctors, Police officers, Firefighters and all the rest who are keeping you and your family safe and healthy while you enjoy your holiday celebrations. Perhaps even take a minute to drop in a card or some biscuits or sweets or something similar to your local emergency room, fire station, police station. I know it helps to see that people are thinking of you and are grateful.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!


Claudia said...

I'll be thinking about you and the millions of others who have to work that day.

An early Christmas and Birthday Hello! And Happy Solstice!


Jan Springer said...

Merry Christmas, Cait! I'll be thinking of you and everyone who is working that day.

Sending you big Hugs!


Lynn LaFleur said...

I am so very grateful for all the wonderful people who work on the holidays to keep us safe.

I'll raise my glass of tea to you, Cait, while you're working!


Diana said...

Good idea, Cait! I'm thinking I can do that -- I've plenty of cookies and munchies to share.

Thanks for the idea :)

Nikki_Soarde said...

Great topic, Cait! And one also close to my heart. I work in a hospital blood bank, and always have to work at least one shift over the holidays. This year, luckily, I've got 4 days off over Christmas! But pay for it by working nights over New Year's.

The lab is one of the "forgotten"...the hidden, white-coated individuals who do all the tests that help the doctors do the diagnosing, and those like myself, who provide the blood products that can be so essential to preserving life. So I'd love to add them to your list!

And yeah....we don't get NEARLY as many chocolates as the nurses do! ;-) lol

Merry CHristmas!

N.J.Walters said...

Hey, Cait. Thinking of you and all the other folks who work over the holidays.

Happy Solstice and an early Happy Birthday!

Cait Miller said...

You're right Nikki! We have a pod sytem to transfer stuff all over the hospital and we quite often send our lab chocolates in it :) Totally against the rules of course but usually overlooked.

Titania Ladley said...

Hey, Cait! I'm late here due to vacation back-up, but I also wanted to chime in and offer my belated thanks to all those who keep us safe and healthy. Being a nurse too, I try my best to remember them all at this time of year and to not take their services and sacrifices for granted. Great reminder!

Hope you had a fabulous holiday season and a very Happy Birthday!