Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh, For The Love Of Freaking Shopping

With the holidays looming ever closer, I recently made that dreaded trip to Wallyworld. You might want to click on over and read this week’s resulting “The Vultures Are Circling” post at the Samhain Blog, which sort of goes along with this topic here. But not quite. Over there, I went into my unique “method” of shopping and emphasized my shopping pet peeves. Here, I’m just going to…how shall I put it?…muse (heehee) about my feelings on shopping in general. Strong feelings. Really strong feelings. :D

Okay, I am woman hear me roar, but I must confess… I totally. Completely. Despise. Shopping.

Any kind of shopping.


There, I said it. And yes, for the second time, I’m definitely a woman if you can believe it. But somehow, I didn’t inherit the OMG-I-lurve-shopping gene.

Food? *groan* I’d rather throw it in a food fight than shop for it. Shoes? Uck. Just give me my worn out old sneakers or hiking boots, thank you very much. Jewelry? Love it, but I just don’t have the patience to shop for rings and necklaces and baubles and such. (Most of the jewelry I wear, hubby, bless his sweet heart, gave me as gifts.) Clothes? Eeeek, I’d rather be yanking splinters out of my gums than spending my day trying on shirt after jeans after dress (even eeckier!) after hat after panties after…well, you get my drift.

And worst of all? Shopping at the mall—the Mall of America (near where I live), no less! *shakes uncontrollably with anxiety* Whoever invented that city-in-itself-madness-under-one-roof concept should be jailed. I go there maybe (kicking and screaming in protest) once a year, and it takes me two to recover.

*sigh* If only there was some way to make items I need magically appear in my house without having to drive hours, go price-compare, color-code, fashion-coordinate, coupon-clip, stand in looong lines, or make use of the chaotic fitting rooms.

Oh, wait…

There is a way: The Internet! Squeeeeeee!

Ah, now there’s a concept. Surf around, sip coffee in jammies, a few clicks here, nibble on a cookie there, a few credit card numbers entered here, and baby, do you ever have me at “Let’s go shopping!” Mmm, yeah, here I am in the privacy of my own quiet home, and voila! The next thing I know the loot’s sitting on my doorstep. Awesome. Amazing. Stress-free. Oh yeah, this kind of shopping I can definitely hang with.

Now, wait! Please hold the hate mail. I’m not a bah-humbugish Scrooge kinda gal, really, I’m not. In fact, I LOVE the holidays! If I could go to the mall and *just* stroll leisurely around gazing at all the gorgeous decorations and listening to the fun and cheery holiday music over the speakers (well, okay, throwing in a glass of wine wouldn’t hurt either), I’d be one happy camper. I adore the feel-fuzzy-inside kinda holiday movies, listening to the 24-hour Christmas music radio stations, baking yummy cookies and fattening candies, family and friends get-togethers, snow and a cozy fire roaring, yes, all of the above. It’s just that dang shopping part that gets my nerves all in a bunch.

So what about you? Did you inherit the love-to-shop-at-the-crazy-malls gene? Do you prefer Internet shopping instead? Or like me, would you rather just have a root canal than go shopping, period? LOL

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Diana said...

My hubby and I went shopping in the downtown area of a local town and loved it! No mall crowds, no crying babies being forced to sit on Santa's lap, no teenagers being..well, being teenagers. Just the snow lightly falling, the jingle of bells from the Salvation Army kettle down on the corner, the old-fashioned wreaths hanging in the bank windows...cheery store owners (OWNERS, not sales clerks, so they cared about us) who, in several stores, offered to gift wrap our purchases -- for free!

Yeah, I'm with ya, Ti, on the whole mall thing. I don't mind browsing in the warmth, but honestly? I buy very little from mall stores. I like my shopping experience a la 1950's. Small stores, friendly people and unique items for sale (where else could I find a yodling pickle?).

No food throwing here -- I'm on your side!

Lynn LaFleur said...

I haven't been to a mall in months. The closet one is 45 miles from me, and with the gas so ridiculous over the summer, I simply refused to go. I don't need clothes (I write in jeans and a T); I have so many books to read I wouldn't have to buy another one for five years (course, that doesn't stop me from buying them); I have all the computer/office/writing supplies I need. If not, there's always Staples online!

Yep, I'm with you on the online shopping. Love it! I read mostly ebooks, so that's an automatic online trip. Amazon and B&N online get my business for print books. I bought my new TV from Walmart online. No trip to the store, no waiting in line, no wondering how the heck I was gonna get a 46" HDTV in my Kia. $18 shipping and they delivered it! How can you beat that?

I do live in a small town with the neat stores that have unique items. Walking through them, especially at Christmas, is a treat.


N.J.Walters said...

I hate shopping for clothing and shoes. But I love grocery shopping and, of course, book shopping.

Hey, food and books, where can you go wrong.

I'm not a big internet shopper...only books...because I like to see and touch what I buy.