Sunday, April 12, 2009

Itchy Feet

Once again it's time to exercise my itchy feet: at stupid o'clock on Tuesday morning I am leaving for Orlando Florida! Going from a sunny, but cool, 10 degrees in Bonnie Scotland to a hot and humid 27 degrees. I love my home town and my beautiful country but every once in a while I have to get out of it and travel, to see and do something different. In this case I will be visiting the magical world of Disney and as many other theme parks as I can squeeze into the first week. The second week is reserved for the annual Romantic Times Convention - an event that I look forward to with more anticipation every year.

Truthfully though, the destination isn't the be all and end all for me. What I love is the whole experience. Even the terror of the Trans-Atlantic flight. I love the planning of the trip - even when I procrastinate so often that I have to do a last minute rush. Buying new clothes and trying to fit everything into your suitcase (I do NOT understand the concept of packing light). I like researching things to do and see, the anticipation of it, the excitement. Everything that comes before you actually get there and experience it all first hand. I'm not lovin' the fact that I have to leave the house at 2.30am to check in for a 6.30am flight but what the hell, I probably wouldn't sleep anyway (see previous note about Trans-Atlantic terror).

What about you? Do you share my feelings? Or is the thought of travel and everything that goes with it just a nightmare you wish you never have?

Hope to see many of you at the Romantic Times Convention in Orlando this year whatever your feelings.


Ruby Storm said...

Hey Caity Girl!

Have a safe trip! I wish I was going to be at the conference to see you but just didn't work out this year. I have a family wedding but I'll be toasting you in my thoughts! Have a wonderful time.

Jeez - tranatlantic flight. Don't know if I could handle that. I'm not a huge fan of flying - not by a long shot!


Cait Miller said...

I'll miss you guys Ruby! I'll take loads of pics and try to do the Scribes proud :)
Happy Easter!

Diana said...

At least traveling this way you'll go back in time and gain a few hours. Who says time travel isn't possible?

You're going to have such fun at DisneyWorld -- it's my kids' favorite vacation spot (okay, I have to admit I like it, too...). Sorry I'll miss you this time around, but have a ride on Misson Space on me!


Lynn LaFleur said...

I'm horribly jealous that you're going and I'm not. I love to travel and love to go to someplace I've never been. The RT Convention is loads of fun, plus you get to see your author friends you only get to see once a year. Catching up is always a blast.

Have a drink for me, Cait!


Shelley Munro said...


I'm sure you'll have an awesome time. I'm sort of envious since we're heading into winter here in NZ, although I have ten days in Western Samoa to look forward to. I love to travel and have done a lot over the years. Itchy feet? Oh, yeah! You can probably tell that if you ever visit my website and see the photo album.

Hubby and I love the planning stage almost as much as the actual journey. The worst part for me is all the laundry on our return home and having to settle back into a routine. I'm terrible. Usually we start thinking/planning another trip straight away. It's the only way to keep those itchy feet at bay.

I look forward to seeing your photos. Once again, have fun and enjoy!

N.J.Walters said...

I so wish I was going to Orlando. I've never been to an RT conference. Have a drink for me and have fun!