Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Bucket List

Don't we all have a list of the things we want to do in our lives? Maybe it isn't actually written on paper, but it's in the back of our minds and we think about it a lot. I'm happy that I've managed to accomplish some of the things I've wanted to do, yet there are still some I hope to do soon.

Here's a little bit from my Bucket List:

1. Become a published author. I can check off that one as done. I published my first book in 2002.

2. Be on a best-selling book list. Done that. Okay, it was on Amazon, but a list is a list.

3. Buy my own home. Check. Yes, the bank still owns part of it, but it's mostly mine.

And some items I've yet to do:

4. See Alaska. I've been to 27 states in the U.S., but haven't made it to Alaska. I hope to do that this summer. My stepson and his wife own 400 acres on an island in Alaska that I would love to see.

5. Visit New England in autumn. I've been to Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York, but during the summer. I want to go back in autumn when the leaves are changing colors.

6. Take a train all the way across Canada. This is something I probably could never afford, but I'd love to do it.

7. Travel through the British Isles. The Scribes' Cait Miller lives in Scotland. She's promised me a tour if I ever make it over there. I'm holding her to that promise!

8. Visit Australia. I know there are a lot of authors in Australia. Maybe I could get one of them to play tour guide.

Hmm, do we see a pattern here? Looks like most of my still-to-do items include travel. It's a good thing I have my passport ready!

So what's on your Bucket List? Share with me.



Kate Douglas said...

Love your list, and all of those are things that I'd love to do some day as well, but as far as my own list? I wanted to be a published author, and since it took me twenty years to fulfill that dream, I sort of kept that as my only real desire. Then I checked that one off and had to find something else! My list is actually what I think of as impossible goals--things I'd love to do before I die but probably never will--and yes, getting published was one of those!

Now the one thing I figure I'll never do but want to accomplish is to hit the New York Times. It used to seem impossible and still does, so that's my next goal.

Travel is something I may or may not get to do, and to be honest, I love my life and can't think of things I'd feel badly for not having done, so the best way for me to have something out there is to choose the "Almost impossible" as something to hope for.

I write paranormal, which means I spend my days in wonderful fantasy worlds with extremely desirable men. It's really hard to think of anything out there I'd rather do!

Drama Queen said...

I started mine last year - how interesting, I've got a few similar to yours:

Here's the first 7 on "The Bucket List of Jeri":

1. See the Grand Canyon – I've been mentioning this one since before hubby #2 (30 yrs), so why not make it a *big* trip and see Yosemite and the Redwoods, too!

2. Learn to surf - oh yeah! Means I'll have to move for a time out of the land-locked Midwest. Could be real cool. Find me a wet suit, now! :)

3. See the Aurorae [Aurora Borealis & Aurora Australis] - Here's another long-time-wanna-do; I'll need to go North to Alaska and Canada (strike off another one to see the Canadian Rockies while I'm there), for this and south to Australasia and New Zealand. Oooo, goody.

4. Get a tattoo, or two! - No, the radiation alignment tats don't count, I want a *real* one, in color! [My son has appointed himself official approver for this - LOL, that's so him).

5. Work in pro-theatre again [after a *long* hiatus] - got myself tossed off the professional path by hubby #1; there's got to be work for a mature character actress/director/costumer *somewhere*! I hear my Tony calling.

6. Extended (living) travel of Britain and Europe (again) - please, oh, please; I've got to fulfill the Picadilly Circus postcard I sent home back in college on study abroad (my 2nd visit) that read "I'll live here some day."

7. Own, and *ride*, as in *drive*, a “big bike”, like a Harley (again) -I made the payments, but do you think hubby #1 ever let me ride anywhere than on the back behind him? Yeah, you know I just want to feel the power between my thighs. :)

N.J.Walters said...

Great list, Lynn.

I'd like to publish with a NY publisher (at least one book *g*), make it to an RT conference, visit New England in the Fall and own my own home. Those are the top four at the moment. :-)

Tara Nina said...

Tara Nina's Bucket list
1. Top a bestseller list
2. Get picked up by a larger publishing house
3. Increase my fan base
4. Travel across America
5. Visit Scotland
6. Visit Ireland
7. Hang out more with my Sizzling Scribe Sisters enjoying the WEED!

I couldn't help myself. I had to throw that last one in there. Thanks Lynne. I never gave any thought to a bucket list before. So now, I have a list of life goals to accomplish.

Cait Miller said...

My bucket list is ever evolving as I suspect most peoples are. But here are a few:
Travel across the USA (this one is in progress, hitting New Orleans one of my big wishlist places in April)
Go on an African Safari (a luxury one, I'm not much on camping *G*)
Go on an Alaskan Cruise
Travel across Cananda on a train (we have this in common Lynn)
See the Aurora Borealis
Visit Italy
Own my own home
Publish a bestselling book
Sleep in a haunted Castle
Fly first class

Cris Anson said...

Lynne, I loved Alaska when DH and I did the RV thing back in '92. Taking photos from a helicopter skimming over a glacier was one of our highlights. I hope you get to see parts of that vast state.

My list?

1. Sleep on the floor of the Grand Canyon. (It used to be, take a mule ride down those steep trails, but I think I'm past the cut-off age.) Before his final illness, DH and I had done a fair amount of traveling (including Italy and Switzerland on our honeymoon), so other than this, I'm pretty much set on travel. Besides, I'd need a new passport and my mugshot would look too old.

2. Dance a tango or two with Gilles Marini . I loved him on Dancing with the Stars.

3. Have a place for everything and everything in its place. Instead, I'm a pack rat with piles of stuff in the "spare" rooms.

4. Have one of my Ellora's Cave books top a best-seller list - any list, not necessarily the big-name ones.

5. Be a real Cougar and find another hero of my own.

Mindy said...

Great list, Lynn :)
I'm a wannatraveller too
1. Europe, almost went there but 4 weeks before leaving my cousin who set up the trip died of heart problems (Super Bummer, R.I.P. Jakie).

2.See Stonehenge, Glastonbury, etc.

3.Metal detecting tour of England!

4.Alaska, gotta see the Northern Lights.

5.Snorkle dive Great Barrier Reef.

6. Go on a year long metal detecting club hunt tour.

7. Dig for precious stones at Crater of Diamonds, AK.

8. Be a beach comber for a year, East & West coast.

9. Write a book with a travelling, curvy, kick-ass heroine.

10. Be a Cougar and find my real life Indiana Jones.

Diana said...

Wonderful list, Lynn! I wish you could've been in Alaska at the same time as I was. That would've been too cool! But when you DO get there? Well, let's just say they think Texas is a shrimpy little place. The skies, the mountains...they grow things HUGE there!

Anonymous said...
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Joy of Joyfully Reviewed said...

6. Take a train all the way across Canada. This is something I probably could never afford, but I'd love to do it.

(Take me with you - I love traveling by train!!)