Monday, May 31, 2010

Time Flies...

Did you realise yet that tomorrow is June 1st? I know it blew my mind. Halfway through the year. What the heck happened?
It's been eventful one for me so far but not in the ways I thought it would. In January I resolved to write more, get my next book published, lose weight and try to let work stress me out less. I promised myself I would crawl out of my reclusive writers cave and socialise a bit more and was looking forward to a dream trip to New Orleans and the Romantic Times Convention in Ohio.

Who new that six months later I would have had the rejection that sent me into writer meltdown and put some serious holes in my creativity? Who could have guessed that we would all have learned how to pronounce the name of a volcano called Eyjafjallajökul? Which to me sounds strangely like thatfrickinvolcano after it caused my trip to New Orleans to be cancelled. Luck was still with my trip to Ohio for the Romantic Times Convention however it deserted me afterwards and thatfrickinvolcano caused me to be delayed in Ohio and endure a 24 hour nightmare trip home. Of course the resulting exhaustion made me sick and I have lost a good bit of weight so I have achieved that part of my resolution. As to the last parts of my plan, well, work is still stressing me out but I have made a half hearted attempt to crawl out of that cave...unless...does eHarmony count?
So, this week I am taking stock and resolving to take another run at those resolutions. How has your year been so far? Has it worked the way you hoped it would or has fate stirred things up in that bitchy way she has?


Regina Carlysle said...

None of my NY resolutions have come to pass. I wanted badly to write a book a month and THAT sure didn't happen. Though I tried, our family was hit with a lot of illness and it just up and smacked us out of the blue. Cancer for my husband and cancer for my sister, all found within a couple weeks of each other. Life DOES have a way of throwing a curveball or ten, doesn't it? So now, instead of that whole 'book a month' thing, I'm lucky to finish one every month and a half but in the scheme of things it doesn't matter all that much. Life is tricky like that.

Natalie Dae said...

Things have surpassed my expectations this year. The year has gone by fast, but if I can be as productive as I have been for the next six months I'll be happy.

I'm with you on the weight loss. That was the first resolution I made for this year. So far it's going well, though the exercise is really whacking me out!

Good luck on reaching all your goals!

Tara Nina said...

Cait, I'm with you on the time flies bit. I've learned not to make resolutions while drunk on New Year's Eve. I never live up to them. Damn that WEED! LOL!
There are no direct paths in life. No matter how you plan, save and re-plan, something or someone always tosses a curve ball directly at your face. My goal is just to survive this year without strangling the DH or the teenagers ( 19 yr old college student not sure what he wants to or join the navy) Yippiee. This is me pulling my hair out and gritting my teeth. Daughter went to school today with a mohawk hair do. And I'm the one on happy pills. Oh Yeah!!

Renny said...

I'm with you on not believing it is June. Life as gone so fast since Jan and more so the last 15 years - as I think about turning 35 this month. While I've accomplished a few of my goals - a few other things I never anticipated - others have been sadly neglected. My life is nowhere near what I though it would be when I was 20. Whether it is for good or for bad - I have learned just to keeping moving forward and not to worrry so much abot all the little detours life delivers.

Lynn said...

I learned several years ago *not* to make New Year's resolutions since I never seem to keep them. Instead, I make promises to myself, like to read more and write more words per day. So far neither of those promises have worked.

This year has whooshed by so fast, I think we need a recount. It can't be June already!