Sunday, August 1, 2010


M.F.S. is my new way of life at the moment.
As women, we survive many changes, childhood, puberty,
awkward teenage years where these objects that catch boy's eyes pop out
of our chest and start our amazement at what thrills the male species.
Until we blossom into women, where we learn, we grow
and realize the power we maintain within ourselves.
It doesn't stop there. We become girlfriends, wives, mothers and
leaders. Yet that's not enough to assuage the curse of Eve and that Damn apple.
We were cursed to bleed in a monthly cycle. Ever wonder what we'd be like if
one woman hadn't slipped into temptation? Should we blame her for that one fault?
Nah, because if it hadn't been her, it would have been another down the line.
We women are sensual creatures. We control the world's finest asset...ourselves.
Yet, still we can't find a cure for menopause.
Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and changes in diet wage war on our
systems and suspend our normal way of life. For some it's quick and last a year or
two. For others, it drags on over a long period of years.
Myself, I started what's called peri-menopause a few years back (yes, I'm older than
I look). It began with night sweats ,but not every night. Then my cycle changed and
became heavy and more frequent so I chose to take a shortcut out of this downward
spiral in the female agenda. I had an ablation. It's a simple procedure where the
uterine lining is cauterized to prevent future periods. For me, it freaked my system out
and when the time for my normal cycle came, I was catapulted into menopause.
It was a week from hell. I was irritable, mean, cranky, weepy, and sweating buckets around
the clock. Thanks to one of the nurses I work with, I found an herbal supplement that seems
to help me, for now. It's called Estroven, maximum strength. It's not the perfect solution.
I still get night sweats occasionally, but not every night.
As sisters in this trek, I'm open to any and all ideas for easing this unwanted chapter of
the feminine life. I look forward to hearing your suggestions for alleviating the symptoms
of menopause because Menopause Fu***** Sucks!
Tara Nina


Tess MacKall said...

I have fans strategically placed all over the house. Drink loads of water. And allow the crazy moments to happen naturally. Don't try pushing them away. If you feel like screaming, well, scream!

Patrice said...

Hi Nina,
I met you at RT 2006. Oh sister! I am deep in and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. The absolute worst symptom for me was(is) strong heart palpatations. I tried cutting out triggers from diet (caffeine) and am in the fight to lose weight. It helped some but not completely. Still I just couldn't justify having a ablation proceedure on my heart until I verified palpatations were or were not induced by menopause. So I too have started taking a variety of specially formulated daily suppliments balanced for "women over 40" but the main menopausal aid one is called phytoestrin. I've been taking them for almost 2 months now and I do feel better, much less hot flash/sweats and best of all fewer heart palpitations. I am cranky still, especially when overheated but who isn't? lol I do think the vitamins are helping. Email me privately if you'd like more info!Or to just chat about not going postal. ;-)


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