Sunday, August 29, 2010


The word sends a shiver down your spine. That shiver could be from fear, or it could be from excitement.

Vampire romances have been around for decades, yet have seemed to explode in the last few years. I doubt if there's anyone who hasn't heard of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. Laurell K. Hamilton's vampires are famous, as are Charlaine Harris'. True Blood, the HBO series based on Charlaine's books, has vaulted her into superstardom.

I haven't read a lot of vampire books, but have recently discovered a series that I'm enjoying very much--The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. There are currently eight books available. I'm reading number six. Ohmigosh, they are so good! If you haven't read them yet, I can't recommend them highly enough. Absolutely incredible.

As for my own writing, I've penned one vampire romance--"Diverted Destiny" in the Seasons of Seduction IV anthology from Ellora's Cave. My vampire took blood as others of his kind do, except he drew strength from a woman's orgasms. The more she had, the stronger he became. Sounds like my kind of vampire!

I'm currently writing a three-book series for Ellora's Cave about triplet brothers. Once that is done, maybe I should return to the world I created in "Diverted Destiny" and write more books about my vampires. Now my brain is whirling with ideas of characters and plots...

How about you? Are you a vampire fan or not?



N.J.Walters said...

I am indeed a vampire fan. Not so much into the Laurell K Hamilton or Charlene Harris books. But I do love the Black Dagger Brotherhood!

Lynn LaFleur said...

So do I, N.J.! Aren't they luscious? I already have the 9th book on pre-order at Amazon.


L. Rosario said...

I LOVE vampires! Good thing since I write about them ;) I've never read any of Charlene's books but I love JR Ward's series along with Keri Arthur and many more that I suddenly can't think of! lol

Tara Nina said...

I've been up since 7 this morning working on edits.
I LOVE vampires. My favorite are the Sherrilyn Kenyon version with her Dark Hunters. That Tallon could drain me dry. LOL.

Rasha said...

I love Vampire books and I do own a few :) I like Twilight but I also like Ann Rice and True Blood. I have to say though that some of the books out there are bordering on the obsered.

Diana said...

Okay, I'll be the dissenting voice. Vampires give me the creeps! You gals can have 'em all, 'cause they make me downright nervous!

Dee Brice said...

Hi Lynn,
Since I just sold a vampire who isn't a vampire to eXtasy Books, I have to say I love 'em. There must be something in the air, 'cause my "vampire" survives on the life juices of his lover.


Kathy Kulig said...

I love vampires--movies and books. I especially like JR Ward's and Sherri Kenyon's books. I started out on Anne Rice and haven't gotten tired of them since.