Sunday, December 26, 2010

Reflecting on 2010

Another year is about to come to an end, so it's time to look back on what I did in 2010.

I had eight books published with Ellora's Cave--six new releases and two re-releases. I'm proud of that.

I read over 100 books. I'd promised myself in January that I would read more this year and I succeeded. Many of those were short novellas that are quick reads, but I enjoy those as much as long, detailed novels.

I lost a dear friend and my writing partner, Randi Monroe. I'd known Randi for over 20 years. Her death hit me very hard. I still think of her every day and miss her so much.

I went to RomantiCon and got to hang out with five of the Sizzling Scribes. We had so much fun! We ate together, drank together, and cracked jokes (some so funny I couldn't stop giggling). We gave a workshop on group promotion that was so successful, we hope we can give it again at the next RomantiCon.

I went to Ontario, Canada for the first time in my life. My good friend and fellow Scribe, Nikki Soarde, graciously invited me to her home. I've known Nikki for many years, but this was the first time I got to visit her beautiful country. She was a wonderful hostess and I had a blast.

I discovered after years of bronchitis that I have allergy-induced asthma. Now I'm taking allergy drops and am feeling much better.

I spent lots of time with my sister. That's always so special. She's the best sister ever!

So what's up for me in 2011? More books to write, more books to read, more scrapbooks to create, more travel (hopefully), more time with family and friends. How about you?

Happy New Year!


Diana said...

Great post, Lynn :). Taking time to look back and reflect on the year's doings is important. How do we grow if we don't? The Romans were on to a good thing when they named January after their god of beginnings and endings!


Tielle St. Clare said...

Good post. I feel the desire to examine my year. It seems like mine was fairly mellow. I had a great trip to Tahoe with my sisters. Missed Romanticon :( but am planning for next year. And once again obsessively knitted. Hmmm, must go ponder.

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Wonderful post. It's nice to look back on the year that was and know that all is well.

Peace and blessings in the New Year

Tara Nina said...

Like Lynn, I have had a productive writing year. I was given the most wonderful gift of a new EC editor who has in the last 8 months helped me create more stories than my old editor in the 5 years I was with her. Thank U all for pushing me in the right direction...Forward.

I enjoyed Romanticon and plan to attended again this year no matter where they hold it. But I'm hoping the venue doesn't change. Bonnie the bartender holds the title of worlds best :) I'm hoping we can give the workshop again as a 2 hour tag team event. It was so much fun and so many people stopped us asking questions for the rest of the conference. To me that makes a workshop a success.

Here's to a fabulous New Year! I'm hoping my New Year's Eve release 'Double Dilemma' is just the first sign of the wonderful things in store for all the SSer's, their families and all of ya'll who follow us and comment here.
May ya'll be healthy and prosperous in 2011

Kelli Scott said...

You done good! Here's to a great 2011.

N.J.Walters said...

You were very busy in 2010, Lynn. I hope you enjoy 2011 as much. :)