Monday, June 20, 2011

Question for our readers

As you undoubtedly know, several of the Scribes have made recent forays into the blossoming self-publishing market. Tara Nina's Playing Cowboy (a wonderfully HOT read!), Tielle St. Clare's A Change of Pace (M/M erotica like you've never read before!) and Diana Hunter's Tales from the Ramayana (romantic short stories) are currently available. But like so many others, we're having an internal debate about pricing. Right now we're just shooting in the dark.

And so we turn to our faithful readers for help. Please take the survey below (it's through Survey Monkey and will not download any unwanted material to your machines!). We made it nice and simple with only 4 questions. Help us price the books you want to buy!

Click here for survey

This will be open until noon on Sunday, June 26th. One of us will post the results later that night.

- the Sizzlin' Scribes :)

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