Monday, June 6, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

So I'm taking a few days in Vegas, first for business, now for this will be short but I had a bit of a revelation about time away from the keyboard.

I'm a pretty consistent writer. When I'm home, I don't take "days off." I work a full-time job and when I get time off from that, I work at my "other job," writing. The writing is a mental break from my day job and I know that at this point in my life, I have to maintain the two work environments.

When I'm on vacation, or even just away from home, my routine is completely thrown off. I haven't written a word in five days. I haven't even spent time with my characters (you know, those moments when I let myself daydream and drift into the worlds inhabited by werewolves or dragons. Please note: I often do this while I'm driving which probably makes me fairly dangerous on the glad you don't live in my city.)

This morning while I was waiting for my massage, I dropped in to visit a werewolf character of mine. It was like visiting a friend that I haven't seen in weeks. I realized my characters and I were getting a little tired of each other. We needed a little bit of space. And now, after a few days away, I have new insights, new stories, a couple of funny scenes...and discovered a great place to hide a body (the pool side of the, huh?).

Have fun! I'm off to find my favorite slot machine!


P.S. (Don't forget...I have two books out in the past month—A Change of Pace, available at Amazon, and Collective Memory from Ellora's Cave!)

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Lynn LaFleur said...

You mean I'm not supposed to plot while driving? Well, darn! ;-)

Have a great time, Tielle, both in Vegas and with your werewolves.