Monday, August 15, 2011

Everyday Inspiration

In the week following the riots in England every news report is filled with how Britain is broken, young people are doomed and unless we bring back corporal punishment then we are all going to hell. The news reports are full of recaps of the violence of those nights and they are rolling out every politician, journalist and ‘expert’ to tell us why it happened. In the face of all this negativity you could be forgiven for believing the hype and getting depressed and angry as hell and for a while that’s exactly what I did. Then I saw the evidence of community pride uncrushed, people rallied round to clean up, started funds to help those who needed and generally put two fingers up to those who let greed and bloodlust sweep them up.

It was inspiring.

It made me think about other people who inspired me in small ways or great. Not movie or pop stars, few of whom deserve the term ‘role model’, but everyday folk just getting on with their lives. A friend who took in a child when he lost his mother, even though money and space was tight. A fellow author who lives with an illness that terrifies most of us and who has become an advocate against that fear. Several friends whose partners are still fighting a war that politicians would like us to forget. A woman who has survived cancer, not once but twice and defiantly lives on. A friend who had major brain surgery and lived to joke about it. A family who tragically lost a child but made sure her death to changed things, so it will never happen to another. I am full of admiration for each and every one. They make me want to be better and that is a very special gift.
Who inspired you today?


Lynn LaFleur said...

A family lost their home and everything they owned in a fire this weekend about 30 miles from where I live. A local restaurant put out the word for people to donate to help this family. Not only did furniture, clothes and toys for the kids pour in, but so did donations so the family could buy the essentials to live. It's unselfish people like that who inspire me.

Great topic, Cait!


N.J.Walters said...

Great topic, Kate. There are so many good people in the world. It's too bad the news concentrates almost solely on the negative.

Alex21 said...

It's hard situation in many countries now.. so it is no strange about this. We must only be as a normal poeople.. Yesterday I saw "The Devil's Advocate"(from with Keenu Reaves and Al Pacino..there is just set and explains many people's sins such as vanity, and other ... necessarily watch it!

rory said...

Come with me and I will show you my music site.. :)

Ruby Storm said...

A good friend's parents inspire me. They are amazing. Not only had five children of their own, but took in 23 children over the years, kids with moderate to very severe handicaps. And did it all with a smile and love in their hearts!