Sunday, August 28, 2011

Come on Irene

Dear Irene,
For almost an entire week, you have dominated the news. Your ominous presence has captivated audiences up and down the entire east coast. Your time in the spotlight is over so please take your high winds and pelting rains and roll on out to sea. We were prepared for you with our up-to-the-minute accurate weather reports. Your every move was watched and talked to death about on every station.
Though I found this constant flow of information tedious and repetitive at times, in my opinion, I feel it did save many lives. More people heeded the warnings and moved to higher ground. More people shopped early and stocked their shelves with water and batteries.(except this one lady interviewed yesterday who said she had no food in her house. Duh they've been talking about this storm all week. You're an idiot for waiting until the stores closed and the rain started to go out and shop!)
I don't feel bad for you Irene that you didn't get the chance to torment like Katrina your horrific predecessor. So you've flooded many things-all are replaceable. You took out trees-a new one will grow in its place. You've knocked out power-no big deal. The power company will fix it within a few days. No power brings families closer together. It's the perfect opportunity to pull out those old game boards, candles and flashlights and spend quality time together. Only thing different now is my kids are drinking beer with us which makes the kiddie board games funny. LOL.
The one thing you did that I found stunning, you shut NYC down. Maybe the one good thing that will happen, your flood waters will clean out the subway system and hopefully it won't smell like body odor and urine anymore when they crank that thing back up.
Come on Irene! It's time for you to go. But could you blow a gust of rain soaked clouds towards Texas before you leave. I hear they need the rain.


Angelia said...

I wouldn't be jumping on the shopping lady. Is it possible she didn't get paid until yesterday? Or that she got paid Friday and worked the hours the grocery was open?

Easy enough to be in her shoes. No money=no food and no chance to stock up.

But yes, pleased Irene is not doing all the awfulness it could have.

Diana said...

Fun post, Tara! I tell you, New York State has gotten three punches this week: one hurricane and two earthquakes (one centered in Virginia and felt here, and another one centered in the state at the same time Irene came to visit).

Time to sing Good Night, Irene!

Lynn LaFleur said...

I'm pleased Irene didn't do as much damage as she could have. I stayed glued to The Weather Channel most of yesterday, worried about the Scribes who live in the Northeast.

Thanks, Tara, for thinking of us in hot, dry Texas. It will rain here again. Someday.


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