Monday, September 19, 2011

Sex Change

When I started writing erotic romance in 2001, it was pretty risqué. One guy and one girl but lots of sex and explicit terms (using the “c” words still made me gasp).

But like actual sex, writing the same sex scenes over and over again, gets boring. So as an author, you start to branch out. Some drift into the BDSM world. Some add bodies.

I started with m/f books. Then shifted to m/f/m ménages. The focus was still the main m/f couple but I drew in a second male to attend to the female (cuz really, who hasn’t dreamed about that?).

Then I started with my men interacting sexually. In the Wolf’s Heritage series (m/m/f), the guys become lovers. The female character is still there and the focus on the relationship but in each book, there is at least one m/m love scene.

And earlier this year, I wrote my first m/m erotic romance (A Change of Pace).

I’ve come along way from what I thought was fairly scandalous sex at the beginning.

In my mind, that’s expected. Things change. Authors want to expand. Readers expect more.

Now, I’ve decided to go back and write at least two more books in the Shadow of the Dragon Series. I love these characters and this world so it’s been fun visiting again.

But for the first time in about four years, I find myself writing m/f sex. That’s what that series involves and I don’t feel comfortable changing that on my readers, readers who still want the sensual m/f connection.

I sat down to write and the love scenes just wouldn’t flow. I’d forgotten how to do one man/one woman sex (well, not really but you get what I mean). I realized, I’d changed my focus (and yes fantasies) to be predominantly m/m. To make this book work, I have to shift them back.

It took a bit—going back, re-reading some of my old books. Picking up some favorite m/f authors. I’ve settled back into the groove.

The story isn’t any less sexy to me. It’s just been a bit of sex change.



Ruby Storm said...

Good blog, Tielle!

Just had to let you know I do the same thing. When I get 'disconbobulated' I find I just need to sit down and READ! It actually refreshes the mind and gets you going in the right direction. BTW! I love your Dragon series!

Lynn LaFleur said...

More dragons! Yay! Love your dragons and your wolves. Heck, I love everything you write. Keep those books coming!


Juniper Bell said...

Great blog, Tielle! And it's so true, I just had to laugh. Hot sex with just one man and one woman? That's crazy talk. LOL. Great to hear you're going back to your dragon series, woo-hoo!

LizbethSelvig said...

LOL, Tielle, fun blog post. It's a brave new world this m/f sex thing. Proud of you for being so brave :-P Enjoy!

Tara Nina said...

Looking forward to more of your Dragons. Love them.
And writing sex scenes no matter what the combination of bodies and parts, is invigorating to the mind and soul. It brings out the inner Sex Goddess in all of us to release our fantasies through the written word. I've read your books and you manage to capture the characters needs no matter who's doing who.
Great blog.