Sunday, September 4, 2011


Happy September! I say happy because of a couple of things. First off, the heat has finally disappeared. It’s been a very strange summer here in Minnesota, a place where high humidity and temps in the 90s for long stretches is something of a phenomenon. Right now it’s about 58 degrees, slight breeze, and this old body of mine is enjoying the heck of it.

I thought and thought about a subject to blog about today and the only thing I can think of is how happy I am to announce my first self published story entitled, ONE CHANCE! This is a story I’ve played with for quite some time. I’ve been a ‘quiet’ author over the last three years do to simply not having the time to write. Glad I’m back! I’ve got some more stories brewing—four to be exact, plus Ellora’s Cave has accepted my short to be included in their anthology series, Something Wicked Comes This Way. So I’m back baby and loving every minute!

Here’s a little scrap of a review that I’m very proud of!

***5 STARS! I've been waiting for a new 'Ruby Storm' story for way too long. But honestly, it was worth the wait. Storm didn't disappoint. Her latest is a poignantly written, fast, phenomenal read of a love gone wrong and a magical chance to redeem that love and renew their sex lives in the arms of one another.***

If you get a chance to download the story, please give me a holler and let me know your thoughts! I’m over at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords!
Hugs, Ruby


Lynn LaFleur said...

Loved it, Ruby! I'm so glad you're back to writing again. The world needs lots more Ruby Storm books!

Diana said...

What Lynn said! :)