Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Influential Underwear

Usually when I write, I have revelations about characters or actions but recently I had a revelation about underwear.

My current story (just days from sending to my editor) involves a pair of crimson panties. They appear at various times in the story. My heroine likes to wear sexy red panties under her police uniform. It gives her an extra boost of confidence when she's working with the male officers.

After I wrote it, it made me think: how much influence does my underwear have on my attitude?

I’ll state now, I go for comfort, not style, almost every time. If I have to spend the day readjusting my bra or tugging on my undies, I’m going to be irritated. But I usually try to get something that’s at least pretty.

Recently, I was desperate for underwear and ended up purchasing what can only be called "Granny Panties." Every time I put them on, even though no else is likely to see them, I feel frumpy and bland. I’d throw them away but I’m also a terrible shopper so I need them in my undie rotation right now. But they are always my last choice. And I sigh whenever I see them. Strange how something most people never see influences behavior.

There’s probably some comment on the sexual nature of our society in there but that's not something I can figure out right now.

And just a note, I watch movies and TV shows and whenever a woman is seen in her underwear, it's always sexy and it always matches! I can't believe that's real life--does everyone wear sexy bras and thongs under their work clothes? That’s got to be some male costume designer’s dream right? Who does that? And even when I do wear sexy, they don’t match. I don’t have time for those kinds of complications.

So, no wicked revelations today, just thinking about foundations in writing. (Get it? Foundations? I’m hilarious. I know)


Lynn LaFleur said...

You aren't alone, Tielle. I go for comfort too. Being a widow who's over 50, no one sees my undies but me anyway. :-)


Ruby Storm said...

Hey Tielle!

I just snorted with glee when I saw your post. It's SOOOO true about what you have under your clothes that gets your mood going. Hell, I have those granny panties that I always pick last simply because of rotation and not having time to wash clothes. It took forever to finally find panties that were sexy YET comfortable. I've thought about that too how on TV these ladies always look good under their clothes. And as far as matching my bra? Not gonna happen!

Diana Hunter said...

Tielle, you crack me up! I used to work in the Foundations department (not dating myself at all here, am I?) and all I can think of when I hear that word is rigid corsets and humongous girdles!

Anonymous said...

Hahahah This is an awesome post! I definitely think that undies can dictate a mood!
If I feel gross or am just staying home.. I usually go for the ugliest undies. But, if I feel good and want to help give myself a little bit of confidence... I definitely go for my best pair of undies! Not only sexy underwear, but comfortable AND sexy.
But I must say, I never match my undies to my bra. I've tried that a couple times and it's way to much work. Or maybe I'm just lazy....