Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Sweet Spot

About a year ago, the Scribes were chatting on line and someone suggested...we should do a book together.  Well, because we’re writers, our ideas expanded (and expanded) and now, we’re doing a series of books...The Sweet Spot Series.

The stories are all loosely connected in the fictional town of Port Clef.

In Port Clef is The Sweet Spot, a bakery-candy shop-cafe run by Jacqui and Jill and you’ll find everyone stops by for their favorite treat and sometimes some advice on love.

Lynn LaFleur is starting us off with “Candlelight Wish,” released just this week.  Over the next year, you’ll see stories from all the Scribes.  It’s not necessary to read all the books (or read them in order) but why miss out on the fun? You never know who might appear in someone else’s story.

Also, I have a book coming out tomorrow...Scarlet, Book 2 of the Red Panty Diaries will be available at Ellora’s Cave and then in a week or so on Amazon and B&N! I really had fun with this m/m/f menage. 

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

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