Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Belated Happy Mother's Day To All!

I know it's June, but I wanted to wish you all a belated Happy Mother's Day! I couldn't get to posting until tonight. Of course I was a bit stressed by it, but I'm glad things turned out the way they did. Today my parents and all my kids and grandchildren came out to spend the day. This was my perfect Mother's Day for me). We barbecued burgers and made a couple of salads. But the best part of the day was when we started talking about past family vacations. Of course, one incident came up (as it always does when we're having a few drinks and laughing!) When I sat down tonight to blog, I knew what I wanted to blog about.

Okay, this was when my youngest son was three years old. (He's 29 now - how in hell did that happen?) So we'd traveled out of state to visit family in Wisconsin. Close by was an animal farm so my husband and I and kids plus his sister and family thought we'd spend the day there. At the end of the park was an area with a petting zoo.  Benches, corn for the goats, and popcorn for the kids.  My three year old at the time was sitting on a bench, munching his popcorn beside an unknown woman who was also visiting. His little chubby legs, too short to reach the ground, were swinging back and forth as he took in his surroundings.  I'm standing about 10 feet away with everyone in our group, just talking and snapping pictures and turned my camera on him.  Along comes a black goat into the picture only a foot in front of my son. My son stops eating and stares because though this goat is black, he has a'spot' under his tail. You know, the spot where poop comes out.

I wish I'd had a video camera because my son stops eating his popcorn, leans forward with an outstretched hand and says, "what's that?" and low and behold his finger disappears right up to the knuckle in the 'gray' hole! The goat did a skip forward, surprised as hell! The poor woman sitting beside my son blew her popcorn right out of her mouth with a burst of laughter. Her laughing quickly turned to a choking gag when my son immediately went back to his own popcorn (using the hand with the offending finger) and began eating again, never giving it another thought! We howled for fifteen minutes, wiping tears and suppressing the urge to pee our pants!

Honest to god, I'm sure every one of you has a funny, gross story about one of your innocent children. Feel free to share! And again, Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Hugs, Ruby

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Lynn LaFleur said...

Ewww! :-) What a great story and memory for you, Ruby. Of course, your son probably cringes whenever you tell the story.