Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Dog's Purpose

Hi All!

Once again I’m blogging to the dog lovers out there. Last week we had a terrible storm here in Minnesota. Knocked out my power for three days! Of course we had generators running but that was to keep food cold and frozen in the 90 degree temps.

So what is a bored girl to do? (Like I even have time to be bored.) But, when there’s no power in the country living, there’s no clothes washing, drying, or all the fun cleaning opportunities that include running a water pump. No computer, television or stereo. Toilets don’t even flush unless we get a bucket of water. But there is always those boxes of photos that need to be gone through, or a closet to clean, dusting, grass mowing and yard pickup with all the branches and trees from the storm scattered about.

Hmmm…it’s pretty warm in the house with no air-conditioning…

I happened to walk into my bedroom In a quick second I decided that it had been far too long since I’d enjoyed…well, delighted in the sensual feel of my sheets against my bare legs, the pure unadulterated joy of letting that hot emotion of relishing one little act that sends heat racing through my blood, that tingling sensation that curls your toes…reading a GOOD BOOK! There on the floor beside my bed was a book my girlfriend had given me three months ago! Unabashedly, I dove on it, flopped to the surface of my bed and opened it up! Me? Read? Well what the hell, there was no power but plenty of sunlight so I did it! I actually spent the afternoon reading.

No not hot, erotic romance, but a story t my friend had urged me to read. It was called, A Dog’s Purpose. The rest of the day, I was lost in a story that so grabbed me, it’s hard to explain. W. Bruce Cameron, the author, took me on a mystical journey inside a dog’s brain. You see, this story was from the dog’s viewpoint and written about how a loving companion searches to find his soul purpose for living. It was magical and brilliant at the same time. Yes, if you’re not so much an animal lover, the essence of the book may escape you. But if you love furry, wet kisses and know when you’re feeling out of sorts, that the warm heartbeat cuddled up beside you can make the world right, then I guarantee you’re going to love this tale…er, um tail…

Yes, you will need a box of tissues. You will laugh out loud, then quickly swipe the tears on your cheeks. That story so stayed in my mind for days after I returned the book to my friend, that I downloaded my own version to my Nook. Of course, I couldn’t let it go and was compelled to re-read the last chapter. Lo and behold, there on the screen at the end of the story was the information that Mr. Cameron had just released a sequel in May 2012 called, A Dog’s Journey. Well, boom! That second story was downloaded and I had to steal some time, but I finished that one, too!

All I can say is open your mind and read these two stories. One thing for sure, you will never look at your pets the same way. It’s been a week and one of my biggest heroes, Toby, is still padding around my brain.

So, throw yourself a bone…and read this rich tale of love and companionship!


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Cait Miller said...

Sounds like a wonderful story Ruby! I'm glad the Nook is getting a workout ;)