Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dog Lovers Unite

Dog Lovers Unite

There isn’t a day goes by that someone doesn’t post a picture of a pet on Facebook. It doesn’t even have to be their companion. It’s just a random picture they found and posted a funny quip with it to make the reader laugh.
Most the time it’s pictures of cats. I’m not a big fan of cats. I’ve got my reasons. I had a cat named Fuzz, who was the best mouser on the planet and his weight proved it. What turned me away from cats as pets was this one vindictive little biotch. She belonged to my roommate at the time, many years ago. This little furry vixen hated me from the beginning.
I think she was convinced it was my fault she went to the vet to get fixed, since I was the one who picked her up after the operation. She considered me to be the reason for her pain. Lovely. And that was the start of our love hate relationship.
You’re going to love the rest of this story. It gets better, because I plan to share with you some of the hateful things she did to me during our time together.
If I ever forgot to close my bedroom door, she would sneak into my room and jump onto my dresser. Not a problem. I didn’t mind she liked to be up on things. But when she decided to chew up all the gold bead necklaces I had hanging on a jewelry stand, I was ready to kill her. She looked at me as if “What? I thought you wanted the gold beads squashed flat.” I never left the bedroom door open again.
Now I’m dating myself on this one J  Whenever I listened to records on the stereo, I had to make sure to close the lid. If I didn’t, she’d use it as an amusement ride. The little vixen would jump up and sit on the record as it went round and round, ruining it for any future use.  Then she’d give me a look like “I hated that song.”
My curtains took a beating as her personal climbing toys. But the Christmas tree was her favorite. She treated it as her personal climbing tree. The first time she slithered up the artificial limbs, it fell over, breaking most of the ornaments while we were at work. Of course, most of the ornaments were mine so she got her vengeance. Instead of blowing my top, we tied the tree to the wall so it wouldn’t fall again.
Big Mistake. This gave her the perfect launching station. Since it was situated at the front window and beside the front door, it was a great location for her to plan sneak attacks on whoever came through the door. Mostly just me. She acted like a princess when her mother was home. This little vixen would climb into the tree and wait for me to enter. The moment I closed the door behind me, she’d jump out of the tree and use me as a scratching post.
Of course, this got her taken to the vet and her front claws removed. I wasn’t playing games anymore. But neither was she. The last straw came the day she figured out how to use her back claws to get me good. I used to do sit-ups in front of the TV everyday. (this is true I swear, not my reality now LOL). She planned her attack just right. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her sitting in the kitchen doorway ignoring me. At least that’s what I thought. The moment I lay flat, she sprang into action and hauled ass as fast as she could from the kitchen, straight across the living room and my stomach, making sure she dug those back claws in as she made her turn for the hall and her master’s bedroom.
That ended her time with us. The gouges across my stomach didn’t need stitches but bled and were painful with every move I made. When my roommate got home, the cat was in a large cardboard box, which was taped shut. I had it addressed for Hell. Of course, I was nice enough to poke a few holes in it, but I really didn’t want too. My roommate got the message and took the cat to her grandparent’s farm where she is probably still tormenting the other cats to this day.
Demon cats never die.

I solemnly swear that all of this did happen to me. As an author, the imagination sometimes takes over and embellishes events, but not in this case. This cat and I hated each other and that’s a fact.
Please share your Love-Hate animal stories. I’d love to hear them so I know I’m not alone. I truly love my Dogs. They love me and have never tried to hurt me intentionally. We have the perfect relationship. I feed them. They give me kisses. I throw the ball. They bring it back.
Try that with a cat. It’ll look at you like “What? You think I’m going to get that? Really?”
Dog lovers unite. Flood Facebook with dog loving pictures.
A big thanks to Diana Hunter for stepping into my blog spot several weeks ago. As many of you know, the northeast took a double hit. My heart goes out to all who suffered as a result of Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter that followed. It is times like these that make us realize the power of Mother Nature and that we are helpless at her hands when she is suffering a severe bout of PMS. We were lucky and only lost power. Others lost everything. 
To donate or help in the relief efforts contact:


Diana Hunter said...

Happy to pinch-hit for ya, Tara. Glad your damage wasn't awful. I'll reiterate your plea the weather turns colder, many of those whose houses were damaged have no heat because of ruined furnaces. Their animals are often the warmest blanket they have!

And as for me...I'm a cat lover. Don't want any animal I have to wash! LOL


Tara Nina said...

Oh but washing a dog is an event. LOL
I get soaked in the process. Usually end up in
the tub with the baby Kolby. He's the last picture
in the post. And have to shower when I'm done.
Never a dull moment. Yesterday Kolby got a new
toy and decided it needed to be muddy and brought
it in that way. Mud spots everywhere.LOL

Cristal Ryder said...

Hi Tara, Congrats on your release! I have so many funny pet stories having dogs, cats, horses and chickens. Here' one - the cats were sitting in the living room window watching the birds flutter around the feeder on the grass. They flew off and seconds later the chickens waddled into view and you could see the cats trying to put two and two together. Little birds - big birds and literally their eyes popped out. Was funny.

Tara Nina said...

Hey Cristal, thanks for sharing. I can see the dilemma there. HaHaHa

Mannouchka said...

Hi Tara,
I want to congrats on your new release wish you lot of success.Love the pictures of dogs so cute.
at my parents so long ago I had 10 dogs and puppies and 6cats at gramma some cows roster pigeons perrot etc...miss not allow to have pets in my small apartment maybe one day
Wish you a nice week
Again great success