Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tales of Christmas

So my trees are up inside and outside, I’ve dug out my Michael Bublé CD and I’ve finally started my present shopping. Yes, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. My mind is turning to traditions and family and the Christmas spirit is starting to spread. I find I’m enjoying the Christmas decorations and music that were just annoying in November. I want to bask in that warm festive glow. I want to read all the Christmas stories that are being released. I’ve pulled the ones I didn’t make it to last year to the top of my reading list. So many awesome Christmas tales to read and only a few short weeks to fit them all in, because after that window has passed they just don’t hold the same meaning. In fact after the last cracker has been pulled and the last firework faded from the New Year's sky we are all ready for Christmas to be over for another year.

So tell me, which are your favourite Christmas books? Which do you re-read over again? Which of the new releases are you looking forward to the most? Which of those stories should I make sure are at the top of the list this year?


Diana Hunter said...

My favorite Christmas "story" is still "The Night Before Christmas" by Clement Moore. My grandmother used to read it to me and I read it again every year :)

Cait Miller said...

Oh! That's a good one Diana :)