Sunday, January 13, 2013

Coming over to the dark side...

Okay, I have a confession to make. I've been an ebook-published author for over nine years and, until a few weeks ago, I only read ebooks on the computer. And very few of them at that.

Yes, it's true. I read paperbacks. It isn't that I have anything against ebooks, it's just the only way I had to read them was sitting here at my desktop computer...and this chair isn't really conducive to long hours spent reading. You can't curl up in it for one thing and you can't put your feet up (well, I can balance my heels on the speaker under the desk, but it wobbles and once I'm set, I can't move).

I've never liked any of the ereaders because they're proprietary and link me to one type of file. I can't buy something from Barnes and Noble and read it on my Kindle, I can't buy something from the IBookstore and read it on my Nook. So I just never made the leap, since I want to buy what I want to buy from the place I want to buy it from and read it on the device of my choosing. I'm fussy that way.

This Christmas, however, has been a game-changer. My husband bought me the Google Nexus 7 (the "7" refers to the screen size. It also comes smaller and larger, but mine is the size of a tradebook. Perfect!). It uses the Android operating system, so I can fill it with reading apps. The free Kindle app allows me to download ebooks from Amazon and read them easily. Same with the Nook app. Okay, so they're two different programs. I'm okay with that. It's all on the same device. My entire reading library on one small unit I can carry in my purse.

My ebook library is, however, pitifully small. I have books by my fellow-Scribes, the next book my book club is reading, and a few classics just because I like them (Edgar Allen Poe, anyone?). I need to fill it up.

So I'm on the dark side now...I'm an ebook reader. Give me suggestions! What books do I need on my shelves?



Tara Nina said...

Welcome to the Dark Side. We've got cookies :)
It's so hard to choose which books to buy. I have a wide variety on my kindle but it's still not full. LOL. My son gave me the Game of Thrones for my kindle for Christmas. Haven't read it yet. I love anything by Sherrilyn Kenyon. If you like Navy Seal novels, my friend had her first full length release A Seal at Heart . I read an excerpt but still haven't read the whole thing yet. If you like home town series or sexy cowboys you can check out C.H. Admirands latest Apple Grove series or her Secrets of Cowboys series. (Hot series) Love me some sexy cowboys. Think big John if you read the first one. Yummy.
As of late, I've been so busy trying to finish all the writing projects I've got going on, I haven't taken the time to enjoy the works of others but My TBR list is growing.

Diana Hunter said...

I have to tell you my Game of Thrones story...

Years ago I bought the first in the series because it was $.88 (in paperback!). I knew what the publisher was doing, so I followed along and, at the same time, bought the 2nd and 3rd books in the series. Those were all that were out at the time.

I read the first one and thought, "Eh. It's okay." Started the second and got totally bored. Eventually gave them to the library because they just took up room on my shelf.

Fast forward: the HBO series comes out and suddenly, George RR Martin is everywhere. My son, now 20, is hooked and wants to read the books. The ones I gave away.


He ends up buying the entire series (at full price) because he likes it so much.

Lesson? Don't give away books! LOL

...and I'll be checking out those authors. I've read short works by both. Time to go shopping!

Lynn LaFleur said...

We have cookies, Tara? Where? :-)

Diana, I'm sure you'll love your tablet. I have the Kindle Paperwhite that I love love love, but I also read on my iPhone. I have all the different apps on it—Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc. Yes, the screen is small, but the font can be adjusted and it's really easy to read on it.

As for suggestions as to who to read, I posted here on this blog in November about some of my favorite authors. You might take a peek at my list and download some samples to see if you like their books.

Happy ebook reading!

Angelia Sparrow said...

I'd be happy to offer you a couple of my books, at no charge.
Just let me know which ones you want and where to send the .pdfs.

(I only have paper copies of the Kerlak books and Zombiality, sorry)

Diana Hunter said...
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Diana Hunter said...

Sorry...tried to edit that comment and Blogger ate it instead. Trying again...

Lynn - I am adding several of those you mentioned to my to-buy pile. Good suggestions!

Angelia - Looking at your site now. Always like to support a fellow EC author!