Monday, January 7, 2013

To Blog or Not To Blog

Blogging has been around for a lot of years. It's a great way for an author to keep his/her fans up-to-date on new releases, upcoming appearances, important information, or something fun the author wants to share. But while going over messages on one of my Yahoo groups this weekend, I read it described as "last decade".

So what's *this* decade? Social media. In this day of instant gratification in the form of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets, maybe reading blogs has become too time-consuming for a reader. Same with emails. I used to get a lot of emails from readers. Now they post to my Facebook timeline or send a tweet.

I read very few blogs...not because I don't like them, but because I could easily spend all day reading them and social media instead of writing. I allow myself a set amount of time in the morning to read email, post to social media, and play a bit on Pinterest. If I didn't set a time limit for myself, I'd never get a book written.

What do you think? Do you still love to read blogs or do you prefer social media instead?


P.S. Speaking of social media, here's where you can find me:


Harlie Reader said...

I'm one of those that prefer blogging over social media. Social media for me has gotten nasty, bitchey and way to cliquish for me.

Most people don't pay attention to me on FB or Twitter so its a totally waste of time for me. *sigh*


Diana Hunter said...

I agree, Lynn, that its easy to spend more time than one should reading blogs and talking to readers on social media. It's fun! And while writing is fun, it's also work and even writers like to procrastinate now and then.

I'm not sure, however, I'm ready to throw in the blogging towel. I lurk at lots of blogs and comment rarely. But I learn a lot and often put their words into action (I'm thinking specifically of professional writer's blogs). Others that I read I do so for the entertainment value. And, like you, I limit the amount of time each day that I spend "out there" so I don't end up reading away the day instead of writing. :)

See you on FB!

Tara Nina said...

I like it all. I think that we, as authors, should tap into every media aspect possible in order to stay alive in this competitive market. There are so many readers out there that simply love to read blogs. It brings them closer to their favorite author than FB or twitter. Both of which has it's merits for posting pertinent info, but to me it's not as personal as a written blog.
Just my 2 cents.
Off to write. Gotta finish my sweet spot story.

jean hart stewart said...

It's a real problem. I blog, twitter. all those things and darned if I know what works. If anybody's got the answer let me know.

Kathy Kulig said...

I think there's a place for blogging. It's a different media. Like Twitter is different than FB. I'm noticing more hits on my blog than ever before and I only blog about once a week. As long as you budget the time and it doesn't use up all the valuable writing time.

N.J.Walters said...

I try to blog, spend time at my yahhoo groups, facebook and twitter. It can get time consuming. I still read blogs when an author posts about it and I do enjoy Facebook.

Kate Hill said...

I really enjoy both blogging and social media like twitter. You're right about getting lost and spending too much time there, though. I have to limit myself too.