Sunday, June 2, 2013

Series: Love Them or Hate Them?

I've written five series so far, plus a collection of books which takes place in my fictional town of Lanville, Texas. I have more series planned for the future, and more books that will take place in Lanville. I love revisiting my characters, letting my readers know what those characters are doing ever since they received a happy ending in their own books. A series lets me do that.

I enjoy reading series for the reason I mentioned above—so I can find out what some of my favorite characters are doing once their book reaches the end. I received so many wonderful emails and comments about my Men With Tools series from readers wanting more of my hunky Coleman triplets. I've incorporated Rye, Dax and Griff into the firefighter books I'm writing now for Kensington Aphrodisia. You'll find out more about them, plus other characters who live in Lanville, in my upcoming books.

How about you? Do you enjoy reading series, or would you rather the book and characters wrap up in one volume? I'd love your opinion.


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Cait Miller said...

I love a series, but I suppose I am slightly biased since I write one. BUT I started writing it because I love them :) I like getting to know characters through the books then seeing them again after they've had their HEAforward

Ruby Johnson said...

If a novel is part of a series I want each book to be a stand alone. I absolutely hate the books with a cliffhanger ending which requires one to buy another book months down the line to find out what happened. I've gotten where I check an author's website before purchasing books in a series in order to know if they are stand alone. I'm also not that interested in characters continuing as secondary characters in future novels.

Ann Jacobs said...

I love to read--and write--series, but I want each story to have its own hero/heroine and its own happy ending. It's okay if the hero and heroine should come back with another new story (as in years later, the way Shana and Bear returned with another book in Forever Enslaved after they'd found their youthful HEA in Love Slave), but each story in a series has to stand on its own.

N.J.Walters said...

I love series, both reading them and writing them.

Patti P said...

I love series. I have read both stand alone and the ones where you have to read them in order just to understand what is going on. I prefer the stand alone versions but if the series is from one of my favorite authors or it comes highly recommended from someone I trust I will read the cliff hangers. I have lost interest in the BDB a bit because the books are so few and far between and they are getting less enjoyable for me. I will eventually get to the newest one because I need to see what happens with Blay and Qhuinn but I didn't run right out and buy it like I used to. I love seeing characters from previous books just to see how they are doing and what has changed.

Kathy Kulig said...

I love series but not the looong ones, the 8 or 10 book series that never end. I like writing them because as a writer I fall in love with the worlds I create and the characters. I do like each book to be a stand-alone so readers aren't forced to read them all from book 1. There are so many great books out there so the books that leave you hanging on a hook where you have to buy the next one doesn't thrill me as a reader. I like each book to be a complete story:)