Sunday, June 30, 2013

BOC Beach BBQ 2013

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the third annual Book Obsessed Chicks beach BBQ. It was held at Lido Beach on Long Island. After all the stormy weather we've been having in this area, it was a blessing the day was so beautiful. This event was created by a group of phenomenal readers and authors who love to get together and enjoy life and reading is a big part of it. Last year I met a wonderful woman named Carol. She bought one of my Cursed MacKinnon's series books then went home and bought the rest so she could read them from beginning to end. She made my day yesterday by telling me she loved the series and wanted to know where the rest of it was. Oh lordy, I wish I wrote faster. LOL.  It's readers like her that make me feel good about what I do. Readers are why every author writes. I used to say I did it to keep me sane, to let the voices out of my head. This is still true but I've learned so much more over the years. It's women like Carol who push me to continue creating imaginary worlds filled with Hot, Sexy Men and romance. A huge THANK YOU goes out to all the readers out there.
 Here's a picture of me and Kim who is the creator of Book Obsessed Chicks & runs the BBQ.
 You can't have a BBQ without Hot, Sexy men running the Grill. The guys were awesome cooks.
Here's a picture of my BFF C.H. Admirand and Jennifer. Colleen was the DD so I got to drink Sangria. Gotta love the BFF.  Did I ever tell ya'll she's the reason I'm published in the first place? LOVE, LOVE LOVE C.H. Admirand. It's through her I met Kim and the BOC gang.
Each year they also have a great big Tricky Tray kind of event where you buy tickets and pick which baskets you want to win and place your ticket in the bag next to the basket and hope your ticket is picked. It's so much fun. The money goes to a charity of BOC's choosing. These ladies are great at raising money for different causes. :)  I got lucky and won Bianca D'Arc's basket. Can't wait to read the books that were in it.
As ya'll can see, fun was had by all! Hoping to be invited back next year.
Tara Nina

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Diana Hunter said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Wish there were a writers' group near me. :)

Congrats on winning the basket - and on gaining lifetime readers!