Sunday, July 14, 2013

Books...and A Clean House

When I’m planning a trip, big or small, two things loom large in my mind: When do I clean my house? And what am I going to read?

These are seriously the two most important items as I prepare.

I have to time the cleaning so everything is bright and sparkly when I leave (so I can’t clean too early) but I also have to make sure I have enough time to clean everything. 

The week before a major trip usually sounds like this in my head...

“On Monday, I’ll pick up the living room. Tuesday, I’ll do all my laundry, Wednesday I’ll vacuum the house and Thursday, I’ll clean the bathroom and the kitchen.”

I love the feeling of coming home to a clean house...though with my normal state of untidiness, I sometimes feel like I’ve come home and my house as been robbed (what happened to all my clutter?!).

My second focus is what I’m going to take to read on my trip. I’m planning a two-week trip to Scotland here soon. I’ll be traveling with my iPad-mini to read and good old pen-and-paper if I feel the need to right. 

I'll be staying at a house with no wi-fi and I cannot, cannot, run out of things to read (it's happened and it's not pretty).  I need to load up my iPad with plenty of books. And yes, I’ll be carrying a paperback as well (take offs and landings) but still, I want to be prepared.

So, any recommendations for what I should take with me? I like steamy books but it’s not a necessity. Primarily romance (m/f or m/f/m or m/m/f or m/m) but I’m open to a good thriller now and then.  

Let me know what you think would make a great summer traveling read!



Diana Hunter said...

I envy your trip...sounds like fun!

What to read? Well, there are always the classics (Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights - which will be perfect for Scotland, all of Jane Austen).

I just read FLowers From the Storm by Laura Kinsdale and LOVED it. It's a Regency, but not like one you've ever read. Really, really good.

In the YA department, there's Wonder, but don't read it if you don't want to cry on your trip.

I'm currently re-reading Ender's Game and just about to start Speaker for the Dead; if you want to read books before the movie comes out, don't forget Catching Fire. I'm on MY TBR pile! LOL

Have fun, Tielle - can't wait to see what other people put on your list - especially as they may end up on mine!


Lynn LaFleur said...

For romance with humor, I love anything by Jill Shalvis. Sandra Brown is good for romantic suspense. So is Cindy Gerard. I discovered Cindy about a year ago and have read four of her books so far.

And, of course, there are all the books by the Scribes. :-)

Your trip sounds wonderful, Tielle. I'm with you about coming home to a clean house, even though mine is usually cluttered, too.


Eden Ashe said...

I'm so jealous, your trip sounds wonderful! As for what to read, I just finished Spell Bound by Emma Weylin. The hero is yummy, and the story is fun.

Joanna Waugh's regency romance Blind Fortune is wonderful, too. She pays amazing attention to period detail.

Also, anything by Julie Garwood, especially her historicals.

Have fun on your trip!


Jae said...

Ah, have a wonderful adventure in Scotland - I envy you!
I love anything by Sandra Brown.
'Coldheart Canyon' (Clive Barker, I think) is an erotic paranormal that you might enjoy.
Hope to see you when you return! :o)

Tara Nina said...

wow! Wish I was going. My son sent me Game of Thrones to read to my kindle and swears I'm going to love it when I actually have time to read it. Of course anything any of the Scribes have written I'd suggest. Also several of my EC friends had recent releases that sound awesome. Samantha Kane, Mari Freeman and Kristin Daniels. Also I met Avery Astor who had a new release with EC as well and I'm dying to read it just haven't had the time.
Have a Safe but happy adventurous trip. Hope you get to see Cait while you're there.

Violetta Rand said...

Scotland is a wonderful destination. For summer reads ... I just finished Once Upon a Tower by Eloisa James (very entertaining) and Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks had a very unique heroine-brilliant really. Of course you could read my debut novel, Blind Allegiance, of which I'd be happy to provide a copy. Have fun on your trip.