Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day & what it means to me

Memorial Day: a day of remembrance for all our fallen soldiers.imgres.jpg
Many have forgotten why this day was created. It’s become the kick-off to the summer weekend for almost every radio station across the country. But without those who fought and died for our rights, there wouldn’t be a free radio station.

I researched Memorial Day and its beginnings are not engraved in stone. As a Southerner, I tend to lean toward the Southern Ladies theory. During the ‘war’ (and for those who don’t understand~the war was the Civil War or the War between the States. There was nothing Civil about it), Southern women were known to recognize the fallen by placing flowers upon their graves no matter what color cloth they wore, thus the Day of Decoration began. It didn’t become a recognized day until years later and the title of Memorial Day was given.

Unfortunately, its considered a holiday and few of our children know why. They’re just glad to be out of school. When I was young, I understood what this holiday meant. I grew up with strong military ties. We always made sure the flag was out and proud on this day most of all. We remembered family who had walked the path of freedom and not come home. My Great-Uncles made sure we knew that freedom wasn’t free. It cost the blood, sweat and tears of every member of the military and the families who supported them.

So take a moment to give thanks to those in the Military. We owe them so much but take it for granted everyday. I know I wish I’d listened more when my Great-Uncles told a few of their ‘war stories’. They didn’t speak of the worst things I know they saw but the stories they told were history. History that helped form the people we are now.

Hug a Veteran. Shake their hand and say thank you.

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Lynn LaFleur said...

I hugged one today! Loved your post, Tara.